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Yeah, this is a little imaginative, and Lexi is a little hyper..but, enjoy anyway!

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Concert night. I don't regret not bringing Olivia.

- Lexi

"I hope you're happy," Olivia mumbled at me. "Because I'm not. How could you be such a jerk, Lexi?"

Easy, I thought but didn't say. I leaned back against the puffy couch cushions and closed my eyes. I was thinking about the band and how lucky I was that my cousin, Yvonne, had agreed to go. She didn't really like My Chemical Romance, though she liked other bands like them.

Finally, Olivia stood up, grabbed her coat, and left. I couldn't say I wasn't happy.


The night of the concert. I'm so excited, I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins, making my head pound. I'm at a concert, and My Chemical Romance was right there. Or, at least they were going to be. I was so happy and giddy, my black bangs shifting in front of my eyes. Yvonne kept looking at me like I was losing it. My shoes slapping against the floor as I bounced slightly when I walked, we found our places and Yvonne went to go find a soda machine.

I realized how good these tickets were. We were right in front of the stage. We could probably smell them, supposedly (if we leaned forward). I thought about how stupid I must seem, so I straightened my posture and collected my shiny black hair into a neater ponytail. I was just getting relaxed when smoke billowed from a machine that was practically hidden, and I started screaming my lungs out. There, right in front of my eyes, was Gerard Way. I was so happy I thought I was going to pass out.

They started with The Black Parade, and of course I was singing along with them. I didn't realize Yvonne creep up behind me. When the song ended, I was screaming and jumping up and down and almost hit Yvonne in the eye.

"Watch it," she grumbled, sitting down.

"Sorry!" I said back, realizing I was shrieking. I smiled at her. "Isn't this awesome?"

Yvonne grumbled again. "You're acting five instead of seventeen, Lex," she said. "Here's a Coke." They went on to their next song, and I started dancing and jumping up and down again, remembering all too late that I had a soda in my hand. Giving a little shriek, I tossed the Coke on first instinct so I wouldn't have to get my hand all sticky.

But, sadly, I gave it a little too much power, and the open bottle was streaming toward the stage, right for...Gerard. Oh, no. I lunged forward, caught the Coke bottle...and slipped on some liquid that I hadn't noticed on the ground. The last thing I remembered before I hit my head was that I'd never drink Coke again as long as I lived.
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