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A dark ritual goes awry and now the great Spirit of the Dark walks the earth once more. His power is great, and he seeks only one thing: Vengeance upon the one who imprisoned him centuries ago.

Category: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Characters: Aang, Katara - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-04-15 - Updated: 2007-04-16 - 345 words

In the deep, consuming darkness at the core of the Spirit World there stands a tree. It is a gnarled, hunched old thing, full of wickedness and hate. In its branches crows scan the earth for something dead to eat, and at its base a bonobo feels its face, as though for the first time. The black birds cluck disappointedly.

This tree was the home of Koh the Face-Stealer.

As the man approaches, walking staff in hand, the crows cease their calling, and the bonobo turns to stare. This was something new, something they had not seen before: A man with the face of a monster.

Oni surveys his destination. He has been walking for centuries to arrive here. Centuries of being an outcast, a freak, of being hounded for his monstrous appearance.

All to reach this place.

Oni steps into the tree's entranceway, his eyes moving back and forth to make sure this place's previous inhabitant had not set any traps or snares to catch the unwary. He had not. Koh had cared no more for security than he had for his mortal servants.

He pushes some vines out of the way and steps into a large room. At the center was what he had come here looking for.

He exhales triumphantly, looking up at his prize. it is everything he had ever dreamed of. This was well worth the price.

His attention is diverted for a moment by a small object floating down and hovering before him. It takes him a moment to recognize it; It has been such a long time since last he saw it. He reaches out and takes it, lovingly, and presses it against the back of his head. It melds perfectly against his flesh, attaching itself to him.

He walks up to the great obsidian throne, the object he had come seeking, and sits upon it. The runes glow brighter, and he can feel power seeping into him through his monstrous face.

Oni Two-Face,/ he thinks, Great Spirit of the Dark. He rather likes the sound of that./
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