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An Unwelcome Proclamation

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A confession goes horrendously awry.

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Aang's stomach was doing flip-flops as he ate his supper. Today he and Katara had decided to tell Sokka about their relationship. There was just no way to keep it hidden much longer when they were travelling in such close quarters with Sokka. Oblivious though he may be, eventually he'd stumble onto the truth. Better that they let him know themselves than have to deal with that.

So Katara said, and Aang agreed. In theory, anyways. Where it all fell apart was actually telling him.

In a way, it was even harder than telling Katara how he felt. When he did that, he knew there was at least a small chance that she wouldn't explode at him. Not so with Sokka.

Katara elbowed him gently. He looked at her, and she tilted her head at him. Get on with it, she seemed to be saying. Aang cleared his throat nervously.

"Uh, Sokka?"

"Yeah, Aang?" Sokka asked, taking a sip of his watery soup. "What is it?"

"Um, well, me and Katara were talking, and, we, uh, well we-"

"What Aang is trying to say is that, well, we thought we should talk to you about something, uh, important."

"Okay, what is it?"

"Well, we...uh, we...well, you tell him, Aang!"

Aang glared daggers at her, but plunged forward anyway.

"Well, uh, that is to say..."

"I think I'm pregnant."

Both Aang and Sokka simultaneously spit their mouthful of soup out. Katara's jaw dropped. All three of them stared at the one who had spoken.


The diminutive earthbender was currently rolling on the ground, clutching her sides. Her high-pitched giggles seemed to penetrate straight past the eardrum and into the brain, causing severe discomfort.

"Oh, very funny, Toph. You're a laugh riot," Sokka said, standing up and wiping the broth off his tunic.

"Oh man, Sokka, you should have seen your face!" Toph said in between bursts of laughter. Tears were beginning to well in the sides of her pale eyes from having laughed so hard. The other three tactfully decided not to point out the obvious.

Aang and Katara tried to start up again, but the moment was gone. Sokka got up and walked back off into the forest, muttering about finding something more to eat. The two lovers looked at each other helplessly, and shrugged. Oh well. There was always tomorrow.
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