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They STILL Know More Than We Do

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Panic! At the Disco appear in the story. And they know about the situation... uh-oh!!!

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Things have been going great lately. I've kept in touch with my sister and my few friends that I actually have. Because of the tour I've become friends with Panic! At the Disco. Brendon and Ryan are a lot like me actually so that's cool! They don't know about the thing between me and Pete and we're keeping it that way. The only people that know we're together are the rest of the band members and Dirty. So now I bet you're wondering what's going on with us, right? Or I bet you're thinking it's wrong, huh? Well age is nothing but a number. Sure I'm not legal yet but it didn't matter to Pete, he still loved me for me. That is, if he really does love me like he says he does.

Well today, it's the sixth week into the tour and Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco had nothing planned. No concerts, no autograph signings, no meetings, nothing. So Patrick decided to take us to go glow bowling. They had never done that before so we decided it was their time to experience something new. We had 2 teams: mine with Dirty, Pete, Patrick, and Joe; then there was Brendon's team with Andy, Ryan, Spencer, and Jon. The leaders, Brendon and I, went first then everyone else picked their order.

Patrick snuck up behind Pete when it was his turn and scared him, causing Pete to drop the ball. We all watched it roll straight down the center, earning Pete his first strike of the night. Pete retaliated and did the same back to Patrick, and the same happened to him that happened to Pete. But, it was Patrick's fifth strike that night. I, on the other hand, have gotten all strikes and was beating the pants off of everybody, except maybe Andy. He was better than we thought. The competition was mainly between him and I. He was trailing by 15 points which could be won easily by one strike.

~~~20 minutes later~~~

Well my team won against Brendon's team so they treated us to dinner. It was a fine dinner at Cattlemen's because Pete told Brendon it was my favorite place to eat. We took that time to get to know each other more, and nobody thought what happened that night would actually happen.

"So Mandi, how exactly did you end up staying with the members of Fall Out Boy anyways." I guess nobody told Ryan what happened. Nobody told any of them what happened really, seeing as how all members of Panic! At the Disco were looking for an answer.

"Well see, I was running away 'cause me and my mom got in a fight again and she threw a glass bottle at me. I kept running and when I got tired and slowed down they just happened to be driving by and picked me up. The only reason I got in the car was because I recognized it from the pictures on the cd cover I had." Nobody knew the real reason I got in the car so I finally told them. I wasn't going to just walk up to a car full of strangers and get in without thinking would I? No!

"Oh ok, just asking." Ryan was so sweet. Everything he said about age really got him questioning himself, afraid he might offend me or something. Truth is, I knew more age jokes than he did and explained the situation between my mother and her last boyfriend. It wasn't the best relationship but mine with Pete was so much better, even though he was twice my age like my mom was twice her boyfriend's age.

"Is something going on between you and Mandi, Pete?" Shit, Brendon suspected something. What was he going to say to that/? Please Pete, don't tell them, they'll freak/. It was all that came to my head.

"No, we're just really good friends. She's practically my little sister." Everyone that knew about the real situation, including Pete and I, gagged at his response but hid it well. Brendon and the rest of the guys didn't suspect a thing. Or did they?

"Don't lie to me Peter. We've all noticed that you and Mandi are extremely close." Well wasn't Brendon everyone's cup of sunshine.

"You two are closer than me and Jac are. That's saying something dude." Ryan spoke up and he didn't seem as innocent as he did before. This was too much for me. I had to say something before Pete did.

"If you want an honest answer text Pete, I'll have his phone." I extended my hand out to Pete so he could give it to me. He looked at me like I had done something wrong. Yes, he did give me his phone but I had to show him what I wrote. How protective! Brendon text me and I text back, after Pete read what I wrote.

So r u & Pete lyk, 2gether? If so we ttly understand & we wont tell ne1. We just dnt lyk ppl lying 2 us. -B

Pete read over my shoulder at what Brendon wrote than kept reading as I started to text back.

No we aren't. Like Pete said we're best friends, close enough to be family. Nothing's going on between us. -M

I was about to send it before Pete took his phone back and erased what I wrote. He then proceeded to text something back. He showed me after he sent it and what he wrote really made me smile.

Yes B we r. I cnt lie 2 u lyk tht but u got 2 keep dis a secret or ill hav ur balls n a jar. I luv her no ?s askd. -P

Brendon read it and smiled. He then showed the rest of them who didn't know and they smiled as well.

"Well it's about time Petard. I wasn't going to let her slip away from you. You've had that happen enough. Way to be strong this time." Ok so Jon knew. Who else knew.

"How long have you known that he liked me, Jon?" This was going to haunt me if he didn't tell me now.

"Oh I don't know, since he couldn't shut up about you coming on tour seven weeks ago. You have this man wrapped around your finger so don't let him go." Seven weeks? He's liked me that long? Wow, love is blind.
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