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Strange disease

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30 years ago a virus a broken out and Jeff knew about, but it was kept from the world, 30 years later, the virus has returned and spearding. What will Jeff do ? Will he tell his sons about this ?

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Chapter 2: Strange disease

30 years later

Jeff Tracy was working on the files of his own company. A lot of things had change in the years. After he had quite the Air force, he became a famous astronaut. After a few years when his wife had past away and he had to take care of his five sons alone, he quite being a astronaut and be came a billionaire with his Tracy Express.

After all of his sons had graduated from their schools, Jeff started to build his dream. His dream to help people all over the world with his machines without having people knowing their the once who helped them.

Jeff smiled when he heard a war cry outside, followed by a hard splash. Jeff chucked to himself, knowing what had happened. His two youngest sons had prepared themselves for a battle in the water against his eldest and middle sons. He knew that it would end in a playing fight and that his eldest and middle sons would taken the power over his two youngest.

Jeff wanted to write further when John called. "Go ahead, John." said Jeff when his second eldest son's portrait changed into real life form of his son.

"Dad..." said John. "I've gotten a strange call."

"What do you mean, son ?" asked Jeff

"A guy called from Zaire. He said we had to come. That his village was dying from a strange disease."

"What ?!" said Jeff. "Did he tell the symptoms ?!"

"No..."said John looking a bit confused at his dad. "He just said that we had to come and that the village was dying."

"Okay, John." said Jeff. "I'll send the boys out on this one."

"F.A.B. dad." said John and closed the link.

John sighed. 'Why was dad so jumpy about this one ? Normally, he would tell me to call one of those guys who would check this...' thought John before shaking the thought off his mind and went further what he was doing. Reading his book.


Jeff sighed and held his head. 'This can't be happening.' thought Jeff. 'It can't be motaba...Let's hope that I'm wrong...' Jeff sighed again before he called Brains and his boys.

"What is it, father ?" said Scott when he, his brothers and brains came into the lounge.

"A new mission, son. In Zaire." said Jeff. "John had a strange call from a man. He said that his village was dying."

"Don't we need to let the army take this one dad ? I mean it's their job to check these situations." said Scott confused.

"Yes, but still I want to check this one." said Jeff. "Brains, Gordon you both are going with Virgil and isolate you're suits before going outside."

The boys gave each other the same strange look, but nodded before going to their Thunderbirds.

Jeff sighed. 'Let's hope it isn't motaba and just a basterd that is bugging the village.' Thought Jeff before he gave permission to Scott and Virgil to lift off.


"You know, dad was acting really weird about this one." said Gordon.

"Yeah, like he knew something." said Virgil while flying his bird.

"Well if he knows something or not, we need to check this one out." said Scott over the radio.

"F.A.B, Scott." said both boys before closing the link between Thunderbird 1 and 2.


After a while, Thunderbird 2 landed at the danger zone. The boys where all suit up before they came out in the field. They looked around. Nobody was there. Only some fires and that's all. Virgil and Brains went into one of the cabins that was there. When they came in there they saw people laying on the ground. Many people where bleeding everywhere and most of them where death. A child was crying the hole time. Gordon went to the sound of the crying child when he had entered the cabin with Scott. Gordon pulled the mosquito curtain away and looked shocked when he saw the child. It was sitting between it's parents who already had past away. The child looked just like them and the others. Blood was coming out of it's noise, mouth and eyes. It also had strange wounds on it and bruises.

Gordon stepped away from the crying child and looked around. "What happened to them ?" asked Gordon to his brothers.

"They went sick." said a voice suddenly.

The Tracy brothers and Brains looked up when he heard and saw a man standing at the door. Brains wanted to ask why he isn't wearing any suit, but the man already had cut him off. "The disease isn't airborne." said the men to them. "As for what had happened to them, they started to get sick one by one."

"How ?" asked Scott while he walked with the men outside.

"A white men came out of the jungle being ill from something, the villages had taking care of him, in a few hours everyone was starting to get sick." said the men.

"What happened with the men who came sick here ?" asked Scott.

"He died in two hours." said the men. "Many of the villagers thought it was the water what was infected. They stopped drinking from it, but they still fell sick."

Scott sighed. "We're too late then."

Brains was looking at the pit that they where talking about and took a sample of the water before he went back into the cabin and took a blood sample of a person. Brains looked up when he heard helicopters over the village and landing.

Scott and the men looked up when a helicopter from the army landed in the village and two men went to them. "You have to leave, sir." said a men to him. "We'll take care of this."

"There isn't much what you can do, sir." said Scott back to the person. "All the villagers are death."

"That's why we're here, sir. To burry them and find out what had happened here." said the men. "Now please, leave."

Scott sighed before he called his brothers and brains back to go back home.

The men looked when both Thunderbirds airborne and flew away.

'Why want they to leave so fast ?' wondered Scott while flying back to base.


Meanwhile, a guy had caught a monkey in Zaire and was on his way to drop it on a boat. While he was driving the monkey was in a bag, moving and in panic. "Calm down, mate." said the person who had caught the monkey. "You'll be in a better home soon."

The men came at the docks where a guy who knows him came to him. "Evening, Jim." said the watcher. "Say, have another catch for that pet store ?"

"Evening, Mark. Yep and a good one too, but I need to get it past the guard." said Jim.

"Well, you know what to do..."said Mark while taking some money from Jim.

"Yep, but keep it quite, okay ?" said Jim.

"Always, mate always." winked Mark and let Jim pas with his car.

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