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New Virus

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30 years ago a virus a broken out and Jeff knew about, but it was kept from the world, 30 years later, the virus has returned and spearding. What will Jeff do ? Will he tell his sons about this ?

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Chapter 3 : New Virus

Jeff sighed when he saw Thunderbird 2 landing back on the runway. 'Let's hope they didn't find anything and that I'm wrong.' Thought Jeff as Thunderbird 2 rolled back into her hanger.

Jeff smiled as his sons came into the lounge to do a report on their mission. "Hello, Scott, Virgil, how did the mission went ?" asked Jeff when he faced his oldest, middle and seconde youngest sons.

"Well, we did wear the suits, like you have told us, but when we came there, there wasn't any life in the village." said Scott to his father.

"Until we went into one of the cabins." said Virgil. "There we found all of the villagers, deatn or nearly death with strange marks on their faces."

"Don't forget they bleed out of their mouth and they had some bruises on them." said Scott to his brother. "They had also some strange wounds, like they where shot or something."

"Oh yeah... When we wanted to take a look, a guy came inside the cabin, telling the disease isn't air borne and that a ill men came to their village. The men had died in two hours and after that the villagers where starting to feel sick too, they stopped drinking their water, because they thought it was infected, but it wasn't. But boy, you had to see Gordon when he saw the child and those parents. I was sure he was going to freak out." said Virgil with a grin to his younger brother.

"Hey ! Do you have to tell everything what happened ?!" said Gordon to his grinning brother.

"Well it is a report. We have to tell father everything what happened on the mission." said Scott, teaming up with his brother to tease their younger brother.

Jeff couldn't help it, but smiled. When his boys have the chance to tease each other, they would use it. "Alright, that's enough boys." said Jeff to them. "What happened next ?"

"Well, the guy told is we where too late to save any people. That the village was death. After that, some army helicopters landed at the village and told us they would take it over from us." said Scott to his father.

"Smith." mumbled Jeff, before looking back up to his sons. "Okay thanks for the report, sons. Go and take a shower."

"Okay, father." said the boys at the same time and left the lounge, leaving their father alone with his thoughts.

'What are you up to now, Smith ?' thought Jeff. Jeff sighed and shook the thoughts of what happened in the past away and went back to his paper work.


Meanwhile, in Brains lab, Brains was examine the water and the blood he took while the others weren't looking. He found something strange in the blood. "O-o-o-o-o my god !" said Brains when he saw what it was under his microscope. "I-i-i-it's a new virus !"


Meanwhile, Jim had stopped at a pet store where he had to get a monkey. "Hey Mike, here's the monkey you've asked." said Jim to the owner of the pet store in Tycoon Peek.

"Good." said Mike and tried to push the monkey in a cage. But the monkey didn't want to go in his new cage and bite Mike.

Mike cursed and let the cage, where the monkey in was. "Dammit Jim ! I said a female monkey ! Not a male !"

"How I suppose to know it was a male monkey !" said Jim.

"By looking at his butt !" said Mike angry to him. "Alright, I want you to bring it away."

"What ?!" said Jim.

"Just do it !" said Mike.

Jim sighed and tried to grab the monkey, but was scratched by it. "Hey !" he said and grabbed it again, this time with the tail and pushed it back in the cage.

Mike watched Jim go with the monkey, before he went nursing his bite.


On Tracy Island, Brains had called Jeff to come downstairs. "Mr ah Tracy, I've found something special in the village in Zaire. T-t-t-t-t the villagers where ah infected with a new virus."

"Are you sure, Brains ?" asked Jeff . Jeff had the feeling that this virus what the Motaba virus.

"Y-y-y-yes sir," said Brains 'I've ah, never seen a virus kill people that fast."

Jeff just nodded and didn't say anything about it more. "Good job, Brains." he said before he went back upstairs. Jeff sighed when he found out that Motaba was still alive and killed people in Zaire. 'Let's hope it won't kill more people' thought Jeff and walked away from Brain's lab.


Meanwhile, Jim was sitting in a plane. He didn't feel alright and tried to sleep the hole trip without luck. When the plane had landed, he went looking for his girlfriend, Katrina. Katrina had found him first. "Jim !" she said and hugged him.

"Hey," said Jim with a weak voice.

"Jimmy ? are you alright ?" asked Katrina with a worried voice when she saw how he looked and sound. She placed her hand on his head. "You're hot." She said worried.

"It's just from the jetlag, I guess." said Jim when he suddenly stared to cough hard.

"Jimmy !" said Katrina when Jimmy had fallen down.

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