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Momiji gives some interesting details as Hatori is heading for the bus stop for Kyo. Hee Hee.

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Kyo's POV

I sat in Hatori's car. Hatori, Yuki, Haru, Tohru, and Momiji are in the car also.

"So, so I won this thing that plays music that matches how you're feeling at the moment that you touch it!!" Momiji said excitedly, pointing to the machine on the dashboard

"That's nice...but I need to concentrate on the road. We have to find the street that leads to band camp." Hatori said.

"Ha! You're going to band camp!" Haru laughed.

"Don't laugh. Akito thought it would be best if you all went to some sort of camp, so you and Yuki are going to dance camp." Hatori said.

"WHAT?!" Yuki and Haru exploded.

"HA HA HA!! THAT'S EVEN WORSE THAN BAND CAMP!!" I had tears of mirth streaming down his face.

"Yeah!! But I know a secret!!" Momiji cried out, trying to get attention.

"Not now Momiji." Yuki sulked.

"But I heard Shigure laughing maniacally and-"

"Now it's important!! What did you hear Momiji!?"

"Well, he signed Hatori and Tohru up for..." He paused to add drama.

"SPEAK DARN YOU!!" I shouted.


Hatori hit the brakes and his hand slammed onto the little machine sitting on the dashboard in shock.

It sang...
"God must hate me
He cursed me for eternity
God must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down and you can't save me
I'm stuck in hell
And I wanna go home"

"Wow, Hatori! You seem really upset!" Momiji said. Hatori's eyes were large and blank. His hand didn't move from the little machine. It sang on

"So what in the world am I supposed to do?
I never did anything to you
So can't you find something else to do?
God Must hate me
He cursed me for eternity
God Must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down and you can't save me
I'm stuck in hell and
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
You can't save me
God Must hate me now"

"Yeah. I think Hatori's upset." Haru said.

"He. Did. WHAT?!" Hatori shouted, he had finally lost it.

"Um...I'm seriously thinking about jumping out of this car." I said quickly, moving towards the door.

"'s not moving..." Momiji said quietly.

"I know that!" I yelled.

"Then why would you jump?"

"Because that would be more fun." I said and Momiji sweat

"Kyo, who supplies you with the crack you've been smoking?" Hatsuharu asked.

"Uotani. Who else?" Kyo replied.

"I wonder if she'll sell me some..." Haru said to himself as he began counting the money in his pocket.

Kyo's eyes widened. He had been joking completely...Haru wasn't...

"Um...what's a... 'gangsta'?" Tohru asked. They had all forgotten about her.

"Uo." Kyo said.

Tohru's brow furrowed in concentration. "I don't get it..."

"I thought you always say Uo is a yankee." Haru said.

"She's a Gangsta/yankee, oh, and Tohru, it's Gangsta, not gangsta." I said.

"How do you know so much about gangstas, idiot cat?" Yuki asked.

I laughed evilly. "School project."

For some reason, no one in the car believed me.

"I. Will. Kill. SHIGURE!!" Hatori shouted, stepping on the gas..

"Hatori, aren't doctors supposed to help people, not kill them?" Haru asked.

"Shigure isn't a person; he's an abomination!" Hatori was shaking with anger.

"Akito already said you can't kill him. At least, that's what I heard Shigure say he said." Momji said.

"Who was Shigure even talking to?" Yuki asked, knuckles white as he clenched the door for support.


"Go figure."

"Well, I know just the way to torture Shigure to the fullest..." Hatori had an unusually evil gleam in his eyes.

All except Tohru leaned towards him eagerly.

"Gentleman Camp."

Everyone except Tohru grinned evilly (imagine Momji grinning evilly. He'd probably still look like an adorable teddy bear!) as they laughed maniacally.

"Um...I still don't know what a g... I mean, Gangsta is..." Tohru said as the car began moving slowly again.
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