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Kyo gets on the bus to go to band camp.

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I'm at the bus stop. Yuck. Long yellow buses, I hate them.

"Hey people!" No one looks. Ok then.

"Kyo Sohma?" A big fat guy waddles, yes waddles over.

"Yeah, that's me."

"You need to be tested"

"Band has tests?"

"You need to be tested for an insterment."


"Come with me"


The dude led me over to three other dudes.

Fun. One shoved a long black insterment up my mouth.


"What." Trust me; that was hard to say with that thing shoved up my mouth."

"Okay then," he shoved a trombone into my mouth. "Play."


"Okay," he put a drum in front of me, and gave me hard wooden sticks. Did I mention that I was supposed to hit things with them?

"Play." I did. As I did his eyes widened. Don't know why, I just played what I heard another drummer on TV play.

"You'll be a precisionist"

"A what?"



"Come on."

He led me to the fat dude.

"Hey." I said. He didn't say anything to me.

"Mr. Testimony, He'll be a precisionist.

"Fine, Mr. Sohma get into the bus."


He grabbed my arm, big mistake. I kicked him where it hurts. Hard. He fell, hard.

"Hey, buddy, get off me. I can walk by myself. Got it?" He nodded

I walked on the last bus and sat in the back, in that seat that only one can sit in. A big fat guy walked to the back. I think the bus tipped with him. He looked at me.

"MOVE" even his voice was fat. Food splattered out of it.


"What did you do?"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Only the baddest can sit in the back."

"Well, have you heard of the wall writing, of Kaibara High?"

His eyes widened and he tipped the bus as he scurried forward.

A girl, long black hair came down and plopped herself in front of me. She was well filled out on the top and she immediately pulled out a CD player and put on some huge head phones. She rocked her head to the music that she heard, and so did I. I started to strum my fingers to the rock music, wondering what the words were.

She turned around angrily. "Will you stop it?!"

"What if I say no?"

"Then you'll have to answer to him." She pointed at a big guy, with rock hard abs. That held two drumsticks.

"Who is he, your boyfriend?" I mocked her.

"He's my brother."


"You know, precisionists lose 40 points of their IQ when they join band, I didn't know they didn't have any in the first place."

That got me mad; I did to have brain cells, that didn't necessarily mean I used them.

"Who are you anyway?"

"Well my name is Ayumi, and I'm a colorguardest, or whatever the name is."

"I'm Kyo, no Kyo-kuns either."


"Watcha listenin' to?" I was bored to death and the bus hadn't even started to move yet.

"Will you shut up"


"Then tell me, why is someone like you here?"

"I put a painting on the school wall of a guy I know, I was hilarious."

"That's not that bad."

"No, it was the school wall."

"Nice, wait, is it the one on the internet of the head on..."


"I worship the ground you walk on"


"Now shut up."

I did, but she turned the music louder for me to hear the words "God must hate me" I smiled and laughed, and Ayumi looked at me funny.
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