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Welcome to the flaming mouth of hell, known to the blind as Belleville

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Mikey and Roxy are two misunderstood teens destined to be together. Will they find true love and happiness in each other?

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Note to the reader: Ok, I changed the facts a little. Bob, Ray, and Frank didn't go to Belleville High in real life. Also, I do realize that they didn't have texting when they went to school. As I go along, I might take some more creative license.
Also, this first chapter is a little slow because I have to introduce the story. So don't worry, the next chapter will be better and have more Mikey in it! Enjoy.
Roxy's Point Of View

'Just when I thought we were finally staying in one place,' I think as a yellow school bus screeched in front of me. This familiar sound haunts me as I get on to the bus taking me to yet again a new school.

The bus is overflowing with people, screaming across the bus like monkeys in a zoo to each other. Shit, I hate crowded areas. No one seems to notice me, so I just sit in the front seat. The bus driver looks at me and shakes his head in disgust. What the hell did I do? I guess its my appearance, like always. Wearing a Misfits shirt, skinny jeans, studded belts and converse doesn't exactly scream bus driver's favorite student. Also, my plugs and my black and blonde hair can't help the matter either.

I observe the typical high school stereotypes: jocks, preps, cheerleaders, stoners, nerds, and punks. I would normally sit around the punk area, but I guess I am in an anti-social mood. I get very anti-social at times. Maybe it's because my life is always changing. My father says since he has retired from the CIA, this will be our last move. Hopefully, Belleville High is better than the others.

Crap, the bus just abruptly halted and I smash my face against the seat in front of me. I get out of that damn bus and I step in a huge puddle. Shit, my new white converse are all muddy. I look up and there is this blonde girl with a gucci bag large enough to fit a corpse in. Wow, is she orange. Standing next to her is someone I would label as a Mr. Johnny Football.

Miss Gucci Bag says to me, "Oh mee gawd! You are such a freak! Why don't you just go in one of your little corners with a razorblade and-"
"Shut the fuck up Mandy! Why don't you and your buddy Mr. Football over there go text message or whatever the hell you fake tanned people do!"

I turn my head almost suddenly and see a tall, black haired guy. He is extremely pale as if he wears white foundation. Hiss green emerald eyes sparkle as he stares my way. I see his Misfits shirt and immediately know I can trust him. He motioned to follow him and we walked up towards the door.

"Thanks for-" I begin to say.
"No prob, darling. What you observed back there were two of the jackasses that run this lovely school. Note the sarcasm in my voice"
"Oh-" I am cut off once again. Boy, this guy loves to talk.
"By the way, I'm Gerard, also known as hero of the downtrodden souls," he laughed casually.
"Welcome to the flaming mouth of hell, known to the blind as Belleville High."
I said quickly so I wouldn't be cut off again, "I'm Roxy."

Gerard put on these big black shades and opened the door to "hell." All around me the halls are buzzing with students. I start to notice that they all seem to be staring and snickering at us.

"What the hell is with everyone here?" I ask Gerard.
"Don't mind the assholes. Everyone in this school are friggin immature and love to laugh at people like us," he says.

Some jerky dude snickers, "Hey look! It's emo love!"

Gerard and I look at each other, and almost as if directed, flip him the bird.

Gerard laughs, "Girl, you are my new best friend."

I smile and let out a laugh. As we walk down the hallway, we stop at a group of four guys who seem to be waiting for Gerard.

"Boys," says Gerard, "This is Roxy. You can trust her and she is pretty damn awesome."

They all wave, though seem a little shy and look down at their feet. I guess these guys aren't to used to hanging around girls. Gerard started speaking again.

"Roxy, these are my band mates. We're in this band called My Chemical Romance. This is Ray, Frank, Bob, and my little brother Mikey."

I glance over at Mikey and all I can say is how hot he is. He is stall and looks just like Gerard, but is thinner and has glasses. His brownish blond hair is covered by a beanie and his long bangs go over his glasses. He notices that I am staring at him and blushes. Why are all these guys so damn shy?

Gerard says, "Hey guys got to run down to art. What class do you have Roxy?"
I take out my schedule and say, "Um, Biology AP."
"Hey, I have the same class. Mind if I walk you to class?" Mikey says shyly and still is looking at his feet.
"Sure," I say while smiling.
"Now Mikey, don't harass Roxy or bore her to death! Bye bitches!" Gerard says and runs to art. I mean, this Gerard guy is nice, but does he ever shut up?

I follow Mikey to Biology. I say honestly to him, "Does he always talk that much?"

Mikey blurts out in laughter. "Try living with him."

To be continued!
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