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The Greenhouse

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Audrey is lookin' good in just her towel. But is that enough for Jeremy to notice her? I think it is....

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"Jeremy! Audrey is here!" Mrs. Parker turned to face me. "Honey, how are you?"
"I'm great Amy. How are you? How's the business?"
"The business is wonderful and so am I!"

She looked to her watch and her eyes widened. Jeremy walked into the kitchen shirtless and took a swig from the orange juice carton on the counter. His dark hair fell into his dark, dark eyes. He looked up, smiled and came over to the other side to hug me. He wrapped his strong arms around my little waste. I took in his scent, hoping the hug would last longer but pulled away remembering his mother was still in the room.

"Jeremy, honey, your father and I have to leave now. We'll be home tomorrow afternoon. No parties, no smoking, no drinking and keep everything valuable in ONE piece please!"

She walked over to her son and kissed him on the cheek then made her way over to me and hugged me.

"By the way Audrey, I love your hair today! Bye!"

She ran out of the door; her heels clicking; her husband following and waving to Jeremy and I.

"How's it going hot stuff?" Jeremy ruffled my hair and opened the fridge looking for something to chow down. He closed the door soon after finding nothing appetizing.

"I'm good. Shouldn't you be out of your pajamas? Its like, four."

"I was tired?"

"You coming to the show tonight?"

"You have a show tonight? What time?"

"In two hours!"

"Most definitely. Its your last show before, dun dun dun... Warped tour!"

"I know! Can I use your shower and get ready here? I don't want to have to drive home."

"Sure thing."

I let him lead me to his bathroom although I knew his house well enough seeing as I've been his best friend since kindergarten. I took my curling iron from my bag and all my other supplies and set them up on the counter while he found me a clean towel. He came back threw the towel at my head and told me to hurry up.

I locked the door and turned the faucets. The steam coming from the shower quickly fogged up the mirror that hung from the blue bathroom wall. I stripped down to nothing and took my shower quickly. When I emerged from all the steam and stepped onto the rug, I dried off quickly and put my boy short underwear on. I looked underneath the sink for a hair dryer, topless and a towel wrapped around me.

No such luck finding the dryer; I opened the door and walked into Jeremy's room. He sat on his bed reading a magazine.

"Do you have a blow dryer?" he looked up from his magazine and his jaw dropped. Just like I intended. I clutched my towel tighter and tapped my foot impatiently.

"Uh yeah here you go." He walked to his parents bathroom and came back with the dryer. I took it quickly thanking him and ran back into the bathroom.

After my hair was styled, my make-up done and my bra strapped on, I reached into my bag and brought out my clothes for the show that night. I slipped on my tight skinny jeans and Taking Back Sunday tank top. I packed up my shit and checked my phone.

Five? Shit! I'm gonna be late to the Green House*!

I ran out of the bathroom and grabbed Jeremy's arm.

"We're late!" He grabbed his keys and we sprinted to his car. Quickly, we drove off towards the highway leading to the venue.

Green House: Made up venue/bar for small to medium bands.
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