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Schools Out For The Summer!

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Schools out and so is the truth. Audrey finally tells off the school's queen bee.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2007-04-16 - Updated: 2007-04-17 - 382 words

Last Day of School

"School's out for the summer!" Alicia jumped around and danced in the middle of the lunch room. I grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Not just yet. In exactly two hours school will be out for the summer."

"Don't poop the party!" I rose from my seat at our usual lunch table and flung my trash into the garbage can next to me. I smoothed out the black skirt I was wearing and my Iron Maiden tube top.

"I gotta get something from my locker. Be right back." I walked out of the lunch room eager to escape all the whispers and laughs and eager to get my cell phone so I could text during graduation ceremony thing.

My heels clicked as I walked quickly to my locker and snatched my phone from inside. I heard footsteps from behind me and turned around to be face-to-face with Valerie. Otherwise known as my arch nemesis. (Okay so maybe I'm a tad over dramatic but I did really hate her.)

"Hey Audrey."

"Hey slut." She scoffed at my comment.

"Would you look at that? You're such a hypocrite."

"I'm not a slut. You on the other hand...."

"Listen WHORE. You better stay away from my boyfriend this summer."

"How could anyone date YOU?"

"Ask Jeremy." My heart dropped into my stomach. I knew that was coming but I wanted to doubt myself. I didn't want to believe the boy I love loved, my former best friend, was dating Valeria Vurrons.

"You bitch."

"You're nothing Audrey. You know that? Nothing!"

"Maybe nothing is enough." I began walking away. My heels once again clicking loudly. She shouted to me as I walked down the long hall.

"You're trash! You're never gonna make it!"
I stopped but kept my back to her. For some reason the biggest smile came unto my face and I finally replied,
"I don't wanna make it. I just wanna-" Students flooded through the hall way. The lunch bell rang and cut my sentence short. I turned to see Valerie standing in the middle of the hall confused. I smiled and knew it was a good thing I didn't finish my sentence. Why? Because I didn't really know what I "just wanted". I only knew it was something extraordinary.
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