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Chatper Five

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Mikey, Ray and Bob go over for some drinks to Scarlet and Asha's house

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Chapter Five
"Come on Gerard! Just come out tonight." Mikey pleaded with his older brother.
"How many times do I have to say it? NO!" Gerard replied taking a drag of his cigarette.
Gerard was a hermit. He rarely left the house and spent all his time in the basement he had made into a bedroom, just drawing. He saw no point to going out and interacting with people. People were cruel and judgemental. St least the dozens of characters he created and surrounded himself with, didn't do that. They merely sat there, silent, doing what he demanded them to.
"But Gerard, it's not like we're going out out ya know. We're just going to my boss' house for some drinks. If you won't come out to spend time with me, will you at least come out and make me look good in front of my new boss. Please Gerard?" Mikey begged.
"Maybe next time." Gerard said getting up from his chair at the kitchen table.
"Gerard. You ALWAYS say that!" Mikey said slightly irritated.
"Fine Mikey. But I really don't feel like going out tonight. But next weekend I'll come out. I promise." And with that he fled down to the basement, his one and only escape from the world.
Mikey just sighed and left to go and get ready.

Just as she had suspected, Asha took a forty five minute shower, leaving little time for Scarlet to get ready, as per usual. She quickly showered and slipped into her black and white striped sweats and her black mini hoodie with a white singlet underneath. She ran a brush though her hair and then tied it up in a loose bun. Scarlet didn't really feel like dressing up, after all they were just going to be sitting around having drinks, they weren't going anywhere. After checking herself in her mirror she proceeded downstairs to start drinking. Asha and Scarlet were expecting Mikey and his friends in a few minutes.

"Not the mini hoodie!" Asha said from the kitchen in a disappointed tone.
"How the hell did you know that? You can't even see me from where you are!" Scarlet said as she made her way down the stairs completely out of view from the kitchen.
"I can hear it. The mini hoodie makes a certain noise when you wear it. It calls out, I can't believe you can't hear it. It says "I'm a pointless article of clothing, and you shouldn't wear me." You should really listen to it ya know!" Asha laughed exiting the kitchen with two Bloody Marys, one for herself and one for her friend.
"You talk a whole lot of shit you know that. And there's nothing wrong with my mini hoodie. I love my mini hoodie!" Scarlet said taking her drink from Asha a having a sip.
Asha hated mini hoodies. She thought they were totally pointless. "What's the point of having a jumper that only comes up to underneath your boobs? That's not keeping anything warm! It's like sleeveless turtlenecks, if you need to keep your neck warm, you clearly need to keep your arms warm too!" Asha exclaimed.
"Shut up and drink up!" Scarlet said motioning towards Asha untouched drink.
Scarlet and Asha loved Bloody Marys. That was their drink of choice not only because they tasted good but also because they got them very drunk, very quickly. The only bad thing about Bloody Marys was the fact that because they were made from mainly tomato juice, if you drank too much and threw up, your puke would be a bright red colour. The first time Scarlet drank Bloody Marys and got sick from them she thought she was throwing up blood because of the colour of her vomit and freaked out. She was too drunk to realise that it was just the tomato juice in the numerous drinks she had had that night.

Mikey and his two friends Ray and Bob finally arrived at Asha and Scarlet's house. Bob had driven them and had planned to not have too many drinks so he could drive them all home later. The three guys walked up to door and Mikey rang the doorbell.
The guys could hear what sounded like an extremely large dog barking like crazy from inside the house.
"Misfit, shut the FUCK up!" They heard a female voice scream from the other side of the door.
The guys just looked at each other and burst out laughing.
Finally Asha answered the door.
"Hey guys, welcome to our humble abode. Come on in." Asha said opening the door completely allowing Mikey and his two friends in.

Asha lead the boys inside and into their living room where Scarlet was sitting back, sipping on her drink.
"Hey Scarlet how are ya?" Mikey said shyly. He wasn't quite sure how to approach Scarlet just yet.
"Hey honey. Long time no see huh?" Scarlet said jumping up and embracing Mikey. She could tell he was feeling overwhelmed and slightly uncomfortable so she thought a hug from her would be enough to settle him down a bit.
"Not too bad." Mikey said hugging Scarlet back, feeling more at ease then before.
"Oh, and these are my friends Ray and Bob." Mikey said motioning towards his two friends as they all sat down.
Ray gave Scarlet and Asha a small smile and a wave, clearly a more reserved type of guy although his hair said something completely different about him. He had a huge mop of brown curls that could easily be called an afro. No one had hair like that unless they wanted to stand out, but Ray seemed very quite making the mix between his looks and personality extremely weird. Bob on the other hand got up to shake Asha and Scarlet's hands. He looked like a bit of a tough guy. He was big and stock with blonde hair and a lip piercing. Although he portrayed this "big bad wolf" image, there was a kindness in his bright blue eyes that made Scarlet feel more at ease with him.
"And who might this be?" Mikey said as Misfit leapt up onto his lap crushing his tiny frame.
"Oh, that's Misfit. Come here Misfit. Sorry, he thinks he's a poodle." Scarlet laughed pulling her dog off of Mikey by his collar.
"He's adorable!" Bob gushed over him. He whistled to Misfit who immediately responded to his call, bounding awkwardly over to his new companion.
"Nice name. You into the Misfits?" Ray asked.
"Yeah, we both love them. Halloween and Astro Zombies and like two of my most favourite songs ever!" Scarlet squealed.
"Yeah, I love them. Great music." Ray replied.
"So. Maybe we should get some drinks into you boys and do something fun?" Asha said getting up from the couch and venturing off into the kitchen to grab the guys some beer.

The five of them just sat around and chatted about everything and anything as the night went on, sipping on their drinks as they went. Asha had been right, Mikey was a whiz kid with music, he knew EVERYTHING... and anything he didn't know, Ray knew. He was super smart and really passionate about music. Bob was just plain funny and within no time had consumed more alcohol then he should have.
"Bob you're drunk!" Asha laughed as she pointed at a swaying Bob.
"Noooo. You're drunk! I can drive home for sure!" Bob yelled back pretending he was in his car right then, working with the pedals and the steering wheel.
"You guys are crashing here tonight! No if or buts!" Scarlet said sternly. There was nothing in the world that she hated more then people who drunk drove. In her opinion, it was the stupidest thing anyone could possibly do.
"So now that you don't have a limit on how drunk you can get. Let's play a drinking game, and I know just the one." Scarlet smiled as she got off the couch and began searching through the first drawer of their wooden TV cabinet.
"Three man?" Asha asked.
"Of course it's Three Man!" Scarlet laughed.
"What the hell is Three Man?" Ray asked kind of confused.
"You've never played? Well hang on and get ready for a bumpy ride! This is the best drinking game ever." Asha said with a smile.
"Yeah, gets you totally maggot!" Scarlet said finally finding what she was looking for, a pair of dice.
"Maggot?" Mikey asked.
"Oh, don't mind her. She's from Australia and sometimes uses these weird Aussie words that don't really make sense. It's taken me five or so years to learn them all. Maggot means really really drunk." Asha said walking into the kitchen to get more drinks.
"Ah ha! Australian. I knew you had an accent. Just couldn't pin point it. I was thinking English or something." Ray said.
"Yeah, I get that a lot." Scarlet said setting the dice on the table and getting comfortable on her spot on the couch, ready to drink the boys under the table.
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