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Chapter Six

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The night after the Three Man game with Asha, Scarlet, Mikey, Ray and Bob

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Chapter Six
After an hour and a half of Three Man, most of the group had been taken down. Bob lay in one of the arm chairs asleep with Misfit sleeping in his lap, while Ray and Asha were passed out on the couch together laying top to tail underneath a blanket Scarlet had gotten for them. Now all that was left was Mikey and Scarlet who sat out on Scarlet's balcony smoking cigarettes talking loudly about nothing in particular. The two of them had really hit it off that night, and Scarlet was glad that it was just the two of them still up. The other guys were great, but there was something that intrigued Scarlet about Mikey, something she just couldn't put her finger on. He was weird and quiet and shy sometimes but then leapt out of his shell and could act like a total lunatic at other moments. It just didn't make sense to Scarlet.

"God, I'm so sleepy but I don't wanna go to bed yet! I'm finding it harder and harder to fight off that dude who makes you fall asleep Scar." Mikey whined sounding completely exhausted.
"You mean the Sand Man?" Scarlet giggled inhaling smoke deep into her lungs.
"Yeah, that's the dude!" A very drunk Mikey replied.
"You want a line bro?" Scarlet asked picking up her cigarette packet from the table and searching through the tiny box.
"Line?" Mikey asked, sitting up a little straighter.
"Coke. You want? We can stay up and watch super cheesy horror flicks if you want. That's what I usually do anyway." Scarlet said pulling out a small plastic bag from her cigarette packet which was filled with fine white powder.
" Wait a second. You do Coke and like cheesy horror movies?" Mikey asked totally confused.
"Yeah. So does Asha, but she hates my horror movies. She thinks they're lame. She'd rather dance around in the backyard to her iPod when she's high on coke." Scarlet said examining the powder closely.
"Dude. I'm totally in love. I love old horror movies, the cheesier the better! But wait, Asha does drugs? Is that something she really wants her new employee to know?" Mikey laughed.
"I dunno. You want a line or not?" Scarlet asked looking up at him.
"Line me up woman!" Mikey exclaimed pumping his fist in the air like a super hero.
Scarlet just laughed at Mikey and then took his hand and lead him back into her room, away from the wind that could possibly foil their whole operation.

Late the next morning Asha was woken by the feeling of something soft and wet against her face. She really wasn't ready to open her eyes and greet the day yet so she decided to ignore it. But it didn't stop, and was getting more and more persistent. Slowly Asha opened her eyes letting the beams of sunlight pour into them. It made her head hurt.
"Stupid Three Man." She mumbled to herself, as she turned to see exactly what was bothering her.
She turned to face a dopey looking Misfit who obviously needed to be let out outside. Misfit was good like that. He never went to the toilet inside, but rather waited by the back door or woke someone up if they were sleeping so he could go outside. Asha then felt a body next to hers. She wasn't quite sure who it was so she attempted to sit up quietly and carefully until Misfit suddenly thought it would be a great idea to jump up on the couch.
"What the fuck?" The body yelled sitting upright in a matter of seconds. It was Ray.
"Morning." Asha said groggily as she got up.
"Hey." Ray said rubbing his eyes.
"Sorry bout Misfit waking you up." Asha said sheepishly as she grabbed him by the collar and let him outside.
"No problems. I needed to get up anyway." Ray said stretching a little before getting up off the couch.
Bob was still asleep in the armchair. His mouth was open a little and he was drooling slightly on his own shoulder.
Ray and Asha turned to each other and giggled quietly at the sight, making sure they didn't wake up the sleeping giant.
Asha waved Ray into the kitchen. Once inside Asha put on a pot of coffee.
"You want some?" Asha asked holding her head a little. It was pounding and there was no mistaking the fact that she had a full-blown hang over.
"Yeah. Thanks. I'm feeling a little worse for wear today, that's for sure. All because of that stupid game." Ray said as she slouched over the kitchen bench.
"Yeah, Three Man is killer." Asha said.
"Hey where's Mikey and Scarlet?" Ray asked. He hadn't seen them in the living room, so where were they?
"I dunno. Let's go check it out." Asha said as she left the kitchen and made her way up the stairs with Ray in close pursuit.
"Scarlet's probably in her own bed, but Mikey... I really have no clue." Asha said as they approached Scarlet's bedroom door.
Asha pushed open the already partly open door so she could see the whole room. Sure enough Scarlet was tucked away in her own bed.
"Is that Mikey in there with her?" Ray asked in a whisper.
"Yeah, that's Mikey snuggled up with Scarlet. What the fuck is going on?" Asha yelled loud enough to abruptly wake the two from their slumber.
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