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No Way! Yes Way.

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So she didn't feel like partying, big deal! Instead of drinking and smoking she found a new friend. A very attractive new friend....

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"Ooo can I borrow your gold leggings, Twigg?" Zui held them up as if they were a gift from the heavens.

"Whatever. I just cant believe you guys are going to this." Alicia turned around shocked.

"It's the first party of Warped Tour! How could we not!?" She snorted and fluffed her hair, ready to leave. "Hurry Zui. I want to get there. It started like a half hour ago."

"Are you serious!?" She threw on the leggings and a skirt after it as fast as possible and scurried with Alicia towards the door.

"Call us if you decide to come!" They yelled to me.

Not happening.... I thought to myself. I walked towards the television area and flopped down on the "couch". More like a fucking brick.
There was absolutely nothing on the tube, considering there wasn't any damn cable!

I decided to attempt to preoccupy myself by drawing. I have to say, I was fabulous at it. Conceded? Not so much, but confident, yes. After an hour of drawing a ridiculous amount of things I got bored. You see, I get hyper. When I'm hyper I need to do something or I completely lose my mind. I ripped my Sommer & Lauren (Travis and Derek of FFTL's girlfriends. They make clothed) hoodie and jogged of the bus. I completely blended into the night with my black ensemble. Well, minus the blonde and blue parts of my hair. I walked with my hood up and my hands shoved into my jacket pockets. Finally I reached "the party bus" and stopped. I took a good look at the people surrounding it, the people going in it, and the people coming out. The ones leaving were throwing up everywhere. How could you possibly get drunk in only an hour in a half? Weaklings...

I stood there staring at the bus in disgust when I felt a presence next to me. I didn't turn to look for I didn't care who it was. I knew they wouldn't try to kidnap me. And if they did, I'd go ninja on their ass. Yes, ninja.

The presence spoke.

"Not into the party scene?"

"This party? Not so much. Others, yes."

"What do you have against this one?"

"I assumed there would be lame alcohol and lame drugs and lame music. I was right."

"How can you tell the drinks are lame?"

"Everyone's puking. People puke when they're drunk. Good drink shouldn't get you drunk in one hour."

"You're smart." There was a long awkward silence. I still hadn't looked up to see the persons face. They hadn't looked at me to see mine. if they did I would feel it. the boy finally broke the silence.

"You do drugs?"

"Yes and please don't get all preachy about how I shouldn't."

"I wasn't going to. I do them occasionally. Which do you take?"

"Weed. I've tried coke and I probably wont ever again. Unless I hit an all time low like last time."

"If I asked would you give me details?" He was obviously referring to why I hit and all time low.


"I respect that." He made me smile for some reason. I didn't even know him but he made me fucking smile. And he gave me those middle school butterflies you got when the kid you liked looked in your direction. And even though you were ugly and chunky you assumed he thought you were cute. I didn't even know what he looked like and he gave me that feeling.

"Is there a face underneath that hood of yours?" I removed my hood and looked up. What I saw was gorgeous ebony hair that reached the boys shoulders. It was greasy but in a good way. He wore tight black jeans with holes in the knees; similar to the ones I just so happened to be wearing. His Iron Maiden shirt caught my attention. It had a different design than mine. He also wore a beat up leather jacket. It was quite the piece of trash and I liked it. but what really made my heart jump was his pale skin and mysterious hazel eyes. He spoke again with a soft smile plastered across his face.

"So there is. And it's a very beautiful face at that." I blushed and thanked the Lord that it was night and he couldn't see my pinkened cheeks. He stretched out his arm and offered me his hand. I placed my smaller one in his and shook.

"I'm Audrey Kitching."

"Gerard Way." I almost peed. Was this the same boy I had listened to from my computer just a few days ago? Was this the same boy Zui had claimed to be her hero? Was this the keeper of the magnificent voice I had been worshipping, the one I fell in love with?

"No way...."

"Yes /Way/." It was.
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