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Dungeons and Dragons

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Audrey tells off a few fangirls and is sucked into a magical game of Dungeons and Dragons. But there's magic happening outside of the game as well. It may have to do with the fact shes sitting on a...

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"He asked you to hangout?"

"Yes Aaron. He did."

"Impressive! You think he's hot?"

"Hes very attractive but this is just a friend thing."

"Friend thing my ass. You want him and he wants you." Aaron rose from his seat and pelvic thrusted the air. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at his head. We both laughed and continued to drink our coffee.

"So when is this hangout session?"

"Tonight. But in like five minutes he's meeting me here to take me to his friends."

"You mean to take you to his love slave lair?"

"No! I am a slave to nothing."


"You're so dirty!"

"Well I haven't showered in a few days."

"You know what I mean Air."

"I do, I do. And you're dirty too. Love slave." He mumbled the last part but I still heard him and punched him in the arm. He laughed his hoarse laugh and sipped the smoldering mud that sat in his cup. A few moment later we heard a loud, and I mean fucking LOUD, scream. Aaron almost dropped his cup. We both jumped up and ran outside the bus.

We looked around and saw two short blonde girls, about the age of fifteen attacking a darker figure. As we approached them we found the figure was in fact Gerard Way.

"Ohmigosh. Will you like sign this for me?"
"Oh can I have a picture!"
"I love your music. Its amazing. 'All That I've Got' is my favvvv song!"

I budded into the conversation.

"That's a song by The Used. Not My Chemical Romance, ladies. Now can I please ask you to back away from the merchandise?" I pushed Gerard back a little and stepped in between him and the two fan girls who obviously knew nothing about MCR, other than Gerard was 'sexy'.

One of the mini bimbos snarled at me.

"Who are YOU?"

"Audrey Kitching. Remember that name." The other blonde girl stepped forward.

"No way! Evident Fury!?"

"That'd be my band."

"You guys are sick!"

"Yes we are. Literally. Now if you'll excuse us. Gerard and I have some business to tend to. Have a nice Warped Tour. Make sure to gawk at Pete Wentz on your way out!" I grabbed Gerard's shoulder and dragged him along with me, weaving through all the buses attempting to find his.

"You so just saved my ass."

"You owe me."

"What exactly do I owe you?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"My soul maybe?"

"Well I was going to suck that out anyway." He flashed me a creepy little smirk which caused me to smile. We eventually reached the bus of My Chemical Romance. As I entered the bus I realized this wasn't a bus, but a dumpster in which five cavemen lurked around the piles of clothes and video games. I looked at the tribal etchings along the walls, a.k.a. retarded stick figure drawings taped on the walls. And then the stench hit me. The stench of boy and cigarettes. Smelled a lot like my bus.

Four other boys looked up from their caveman rituals and stared at me. As if they had never seen a female before. I could only imagine what the inside of their minds were like.

I like woman. Woman pretty. Woman give me food and sex. Woman good....

Gerard pointed at the apes and gave them all names.

"This is Audrey."

"Hey hey hey!"
"Top of the mornin' to ya!"

I looked at the one I assumed to be Irish by his greeting with a raised brow.

"I'm not Irish."

"Okay." I laughed at how the boy pretty much had read my mind. They called him Frank or Frankie. Whatever it's the same thing just two letters off. The one with big hair was labeled as Ray, the skinny Harry Potter clone was Mikey, also Gerard's brother, and the blonde perky one was Bob. What a name.

I looked at the table were a board game of some sort was spread out.

"Dungeons and Dragons?"

"We heard its fun and thought we'd give it a go."

"Can I join?" Gerard ran over to me and leaned into my ear; whispering.

"Don't. They get crazy with this game." I got the chills but shook it off and snapped back into reality.

"I can handle it." Mikey ran to the table.

"I'm the DM!"

"I'm sooo Golstaff!" Frank yelled.

"I'm freaking Nightblade!" Ray announced.
"If you're Nightblade then I'm fuckin' Swithcblade." Bob sent us all into hysterics with his sarcastic comment.

"I guess I'm the elf again...." Gerard looked sad. He brought up a folding chair to the table and sat in it.

"Who am i?"

"You can be Titania!" Mikey yelled at me. I shrugged and was about to sit down when I noticed there was no room.

"Do you have another chair?"

"Shit. No sorry."

"I guess I can sit on the floor."

"Nonsense. Sit on my lap. I can hold you up." Gerard's offer was very tempting. I fought with myself in my head weather to sit on him or not. I sat on him.

"I hope your leg doesn't go numb."

"It wont. But its alright if it does." I turned around and smiled at him while he rested his arm around my waste and on my left leg.

"Ooooooo!" All the guys said in a girly tone at the same time. I just glared and told them to shut up. they obeyed my warning tone and got to the game.

"So I really don't know the rules."

"Ha! Young grasshopper, there are no rules. This is the game of imagination."

"Woooo!" Frank bounced up and down in his chair. Gerard put his other hand on the small of my back. I turned around.

"You comfy?"

"Comfy as comfy can get."

ATTN: This chapter was influenced by D&D MCR. Its a video on youtube. More than amazing! Look it up and you will understand!
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