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Must Be The Veggie Dog

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Well, I guess having your leg completely numb isnt as fun as it sounds.

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"Dude! Where's mountain dew?"

"In the fridge, duh!"

"Where are the cheetos?"

"They're right next to you, Ray."


"IS IT POSSIBLE TO WIN THIS FREAKING GAME!?" I yelled. My eyes were almost popping out of my head. I needed to win....

"I don't really know...."

"Aghhh!" A snoring Gerard jerked his head up.

"Who screamed?" Everyone pointed at me. I was still on his lap.

"I give up." I got up with my head low; hung in shame.

"Woah. I cannot feel my leg at all."

"Seriously!?" All the guys started punching it.

"Nothing." Gerard said. Frank grabbed a fork and jammed the back end into Gerard's leg.


"I though you said you couldn't feel anything."

"I hate you. And I'm leaving." He looked in my direction.

"I'll come with." I looked out the window and it was dark. I couldn't believe we had played that damned game for that many hours. I looked back over to see Gerard struggling to get up with his numb leg. He pushed hard off the table and projected himself to his feet. That didn't end well. In result he fell to the floor with an extremely loud thud. Me and everyone else fell over in laughter.

Gerard sadly attempted getting up. he clutched his numb/injured (thanks to Frank) leg. He limped to the door of the bus with his jacket in hand and hopped off, literally. I kissed and hugged the boys and followed Gerard.

"Lets go for coffee." He suggested and linked arms with me. My stomach flip flopped. I don't know why but it did.

Probably that veggie dog I had earlier...

We arrived at the dinky coffee stand they set up for the bands. At least it was good fucking coffee. Cause if it wasn't, someone would be getting bitch slapped. We ordered our stuff and sat down on the cheesy plastic lawn chair type things. They made me smile for they reminded of this one time, Jeremy and I-

Never mind. I hate him now. All those memories are-whoosh-down the drain!

"You okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah."

"You look kind of pissed."

"No, no. Just thinking about things."


"Long story."

"I have all the time in the world." He set down his cup and looked at me intently. I couldn't possibly tear myself from his beautiful gaze. And I certainly could not deny him the access to my thoughts. I couldn't tell him no while he batted those lovely eyelashes at me, trying to rip me apart to the point that I'd break. I caved and started on the story.

"Well, you see...."
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