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So you can leave like the sane abandoned me

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I am glad Gerard is alright, something bad could easily happen to him. Last night was extremely fun, forgetting about all the problems in life and just laying back. I don't know where Gerard went off to; I have to make sure he is alright. I am excited for our second anniversary, I plan to go out to eat and have a romantic night, without Gerard hurting himself. I have to get him something, im thinking about getting him a picture frame or something. He won't give me any hints of what he wants; he is keeping his life a secret.

I woke up in a closet with a huge headache. I groaned, sitting up. I put my cold hands to my head, trying to get rid of the pain. "Gerard?" I called.
I couldn't tell if it as morning or night, or even remember how I got here. I stood up, feeling dizzy. My head felt incredibly heavy, I felt like my neck would snap. I trudged over to the door and turned the handle. It turned two centimeters and then stopped. With panic rising, I started banging on the door.
"Someone open this god damn door!" I shouted. How did Gerard get out?
I stopped, feeling the hope leave me. I leaned my back against the door, sinking to the floor. Then it hit me. Today is my anniversary, and I am sitting on the floor in a closet. I should be happy, spending my time with Gerard.
Suddenly I felt the door jerk open, sending me flying to the ground. Above me stood Bob. I blinked several times to adjust to the light before rolling over on my side.
"Whoa, where am I and what time is it?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. It was shinning bright outside, illuminating the whole house.
"It's around seven or something and you are still at Ray's house," Bob answered. I sat up. "Where is Gerard, and how did he get out of the closet?" I asked.
"God, you ask a lot of questions," he mumbled. "I don't know where he is but Im pretty sure he picked the lock." I nodded.
"I think he said something about his anniversary..." bob said unsurely. I gasped. Fuck! Our anniversary! I quickly stood up, reaching for the door. "Thanks," I said before running out.
Fresh air rushed to my face, forcing my hair back. I glided down the brick steps, and went over to my car. I have to get Gerard something good. Something really worth it.
I looked down at what I was wearing. I was still in my school uniform from yesterday, and carried the faint scent of alcohol. It no longer had mud on it from last week, which was good. Somehow I managed to scrub off the mud on my shoes.

I found myself pulling the empty driveway to my house. The first thing that came to my mind was that my parents weren't home. I smiled. I got out of my car, leaving it on. I wanted to quickly change first.
I bounced up the steps to my room, throwing open my draws. I pulled out a black hoodie and my favorite jeans. I kicked off my school shoes and slipped in my Etnies, and swiped on eyeliner. I smiled at my reflection before running back downstairs.
I got back in my car and took out my phone. I pushed through my contacts list as I waited for my car to heat up. I whipped the phone next to my ear as it called Gerard's number.
Hey, it's Gerard. Leave a message and I will get it later.

I sighed, snapping shut my phone. He always answers. Something didn't feel right. I pulled out of the driveway, taking a left, the direction of Gerard's house.
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