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"Do people know that you're actually quite shady and perverted?"

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"But then, what if he knew who you were when you know that you're not what he thinks that he wants? And then, what if you are?" Saffron sings to herself as she steps out of the shower. Leaning forward, Saffron uses her hand to wipe away the moisture on the mirror, revealing her grinning face. She's smiling, beaming. It is beginning to scare her parents. She is almost amazed at the transformation, comparing her current self to the Saffron many months back. He's changed her in some way, though she cannot put her finger on it.

It is fluff and she knows it. Her thoughts are nothing but cheesy, yet she does not care in the slightest. She is aware of the rumors scattered about the internet. She paid Ryan to date her, she's a stripper, she's cheating on Ryan with Brendon, she's anorexic, she's superficial- though surprisingly hurt by these somewhat anonymous comments, Saffron cannot help but enjoy the fact that Ryan is her quiet, poetic, subtly sarcastic, and well dressed musician.

But, tonight, she does not think about that. Tonight, she is going to a special Halloween concert where several bands will play a set of four or five songs, including their remakes of songs from /The Nightmare Before Christmas/. Saffron begins to put on her pirate wench costume; it had been decided that the band and their respective dates would attend dressed in some sort of pirate-related costume. Suddenly, she realizes that they have been dating since March. March, April, May, June, July (the "I Love You" month), August, September, October... Eight whole months- her longest relationship to date.

She takes a glance around her dorm room (though she lived in the city, it hardly made sense for her, a late riser, to rush all the way to New York University from Central Park every single day. Besides, the college experience wouldn't have been complete) in case she has forgotten anything.


Halloween is just another excuse for the boys to wear make up, though today, at least for Ryan, the make up is less elaborate. Each of them sports just a circle of black kohl around their eyes, mimicking a certain Jack Sparrow's style. The clothes are not that much different from their usual concert wear, though each piece was dirtied up and made to look like it had been worn for years. Jon adjusts his pirate patch over his left eye as a jealous Ryan looks on, Spencer ties up his long boots and Brendon puts his three-cornered hat over his pony-tailed wig, grinning widely, corking an eyebrow at his reflection. "I look sexy," he states, obstinately ignoring how Ryan rushes to greet a familiar face.

"Well, shiver me timbers, mate. Just saying 'hello and break a leg,'" Saffron says merrily before he leans down to kiss her warmly, one hand on her waist. "Do I look alright?" she asks, suddenly worried when she sees how detailed their costumes are.

"You look amazing, don't worry," Ryan says before whispering, "I kind of like- I mean, I rather fancy this-" He gestures to the tightly-laced, brocade, wine-colored bodice, which enhanced her previously flat chest. "The low-cut blouse adds to the /effect/, I think," he adds, absently twirling a curl of hers around his finger.

Saffron rolls her eyes, gently hitting his arm, though obviously flattered that he would notice; she was quite happy that Ryan paid a great attention to detail like that. "Do people know that you're actually quite shady and perverted?"

"Not many, just a select few. In any case, it all means you're fucking hot," he replies, kissing her cheek, unaware of the MTV people lurking about behind them. "Cassie, Hayley, and Brendon's date are sitting out in the waiting area, savvy? Someone will come and get you so you can watch backstage- If you want to watch, of course."

"Of course I do!" Cue the eyebrow quirk. "Wait- Brendon's date?"

"Yeah, it was a last minute thing."

"Interesting." She smiles and kisses his lips before allowing the security people to usher her out of the dressing rooms.

Maybe he is just giddy from the Halloween buzz, but watching her walk away, Ryan can't help but let his mind drift to her low-cut blouse and how he would very much like to take off all those layers. Hey, he never said she was mistaken when accusing him of being "shady and perverted." He is quickly drawn out of his reverie by the voice of his best friend:

"Dude, you're fucking creepy when you smile like that- it's like... what's the word? "Leering"- you're so leering right now," Spencer says, sidling up to Ryan, waving the plastic sword about for no apparent reason other than the fact that it made him feel very cool.

"Yeah, well, you're a really big geek."

"You're the one who came up with the pirate idea."

Ryan grins again. "But, I'm not the one waving around a fucking plastic sword, now, am I?"


Note: Ah, so sorry about the delay for chapter posting. This chapter is too short of my tastes, but I felt I needed to post something before I completely forgot about my story!

EDIT, 4/17, 11:07- LOL. I totally just saw this picture of Ryan wearing an eyepatch. Talk about a coincidence!
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