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On cue, Spencer stands up from behind the drum set and cries out with equal fervor, "I accept your duel! We fight to the death!"

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Ryan carefully peeks around the curtain at one particular somber-looking brunette, whose expression turns to a smirk, sitting by the front of the stage and he finds himself grinning as well. Eight whole months and she is still with him; he did not fuck things over. This was new, this was good. He gives himself a mental pat on the back for succeeding after actually attempting to be a good boyfriend for once. Ryan had a bad tendency to focus on the faults of many, and, even though he never spoke of them publicly, these faults seemed to grow in his mind and he would have to break up with the girl.

...But, not in this case.

Saffron is real, she is sweet and sour and challenging and simple and just a paradox of a girl he loves. No, Saffron is not alone in her unusually sappy thoughts for Ryan is trying to decide what to get her for their oncoming ninth month anniversary- a first for both. He had never held onto past relationships for so long. Like the songs he's played hundreds of times, Ryan tends to grow bored, but she understands him. Once, he tried to explain all of this to Spencer, who just laughed and patted him on the back.

It is a little strange to see her now, smiling and socializing, especially after visualizing her months and months before, when she was just the video girl who slowly opened up, who opened him up as well.

Brendon's date is a tall bleached blonde with layers of makeup and barely any costume on. Saffron dislikes her immediately, but says nothing other than a polite greeting for once, deciding to converse with Hayley and Cassie instead, the three of them giggling at how ridiculous they all think they appear. When the fourth girl gets up to go powder her nose (not that she needs it), Saffron leans across the table and whispers, "Who's the chick?"

"Jon said her name is Kylie," Cassie replies with a shrug, absently twirling a lock of yellow hair around her finger, "none of us really know her, actually. We don't even know where she met Brendon." The three girls continue their conversation in hushed tones, trying their hardest not to be so disparaging, but, honestly, Kylie hadn't been very pleasant to either of them.

As soon as the bleached blonde returns, Saffron carefully shifts the topic to her latest show, as if they had been discussing Les Miserables the entire time. "Yeah, no wig, finally," she says, and the other two chuckle appropriately. Since one particular concert event near the end of last July, Cassie, Saffron, and Hayley became a tight-knit trio which the boys affectionately dubbed GF! at the Disco. And, as it usually is with close groups, an addition sometimes is not very welcome- especially if the addition continues to shoot an occasional dirty glance their way.

And, here, I thought I was the irritable one/, Saffron thought to herself, more amused than anything else. The conversation fades away in her mind as she carefully observes Kylie out of the corner of her eye, watching as the blonde adjusts her blouse so it sits even lower on her chest. /How sluttish. Now, I shouldn't be passing judgment, but, honestly, Brendon, you could do a whole lot better.

Suddenly, the lights flicker and the boys assemble onstage as the crowd literally goes bonkers; much like the thrill she gets from sitting in a Broadway theatre, her heart begins to race, especially when Ryan searches for her face in the crowd, grinning that charming half-grin of his. For a moment, Saffron thinks that Brendon is winking at her from under the wig and pirate hat, but remembers his unsociable date, merely quirking an eyebrow, just in case.

The boys perform their set to massive applause and cheering. Suddenly, Brendon catches her eye again and mouths 'Should I?' and grinning and mouthing 'Fuck yes,' Saffron nods eagerly. With a flourish, Brendon whips out his sword and cries out, "I challenge thee to a duel!"

On cue, Spencer stands up from behind the drum set and cries out with equal fervor, "I accept your duel! We fight to the death!"

Suddenly, plastic swords clash together as the two boys cry out 'En garde!' every so often, attempting to pull off some fancy sword-fighting footwork, leaping around the instruments, all over the stage as Ryan and Jon burst out laughing, almost keeling over. As Spencer falls to the ground, 'wounded,' so does the curtain to even more applause. The crowd obviously adores them.

"Sorry about this," Ryan mumbles into Saffron's ear, joining her after all the performances, protectively sliding an arm around her waist as a crowd of photographers rush over to their tables, snapping pictures quickly, lighting up their faces at random intervals.

"It's fine- I don't care," she replies, unable to stop smiling actually. She'll never admit it, but she rather enjoys the attention, any sort of attention- even the negative attention from the band's fangirls. That is simply the wanna-be-Hollywood-starlet within her. In an unexpected moment, he forms a growly face and leans into Saffron before gently biting her ear. Yes, adorable; the cameras love it.

The cameramen leave them for another table and Saffron's eyes travel over to Brendon and Kylie, who is all over him like a cheap suit. The whole display is very disgusting. She wrinkles her nose in revulsion as the blonde gives her a smug grin from over his shoulder before leaning in to kiss his neck. "Good god, get a fucking room," she mumbles under her breath, rolling her eyes. Saffron reminds herself that she needn't worry about Brendon; he's a big boy and can make his own decisions. The rising feeling within her is most definitely not of jealousy- she harbors no romantic feeling towards Brendon whatsoever. In fact, a part of her cannot help but feel motherly and protective, wanting to kick this skank to the curb before she got into his tight-fitted pants.

Suddenly, the Halloween-inspired music comes through the surrounding speakers and the crowd immediately fills the dance floor, Playboy bunnies dancing with priests, Donald Trumps dancing with Martha Stewarts, and so on. Soon, the pirate crew finds their way into the middle, performing only the geekiest of dance moves, rather than the usual bumping and grinding. Ryan returns from the DJ booth assembled on the stage with a wide grin on his face as he grabs Saffron around the middle. "Wait for it..."

" It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark, under the moon light, you see a sight that almost stops your heart...."

Soon, the familiar chords of 'Thriller' fill their ears and immediately, the pirate crew stiffens their arms and launches into the infamous choreography. (Of course, Spencer had some trouble moving about with the parrot attached to his shoulder, but Hayley managed to pull it off and toss it onto their table.)

"YOU KNOW, IT'S THRILLER, THRILLER NIGHT- AND NO ONE'S GONNA SAVE YOU FROM THE BEAST ABOUT TO STRIKE!" the sound of everyone singing reverberates in the hall, shaking the walls. Saffron, for once, has trouble keeping a straight face and she snorts, bursting into a fit of giggles as she collapses onto Ryan's shoulder for a moment before jumping into the dance once more.

Time passes and Ryan deems it time to visit the little boys' room, leaving Saffron momentarily after kissing her cheek. She makes to leave the dance floor for a drink but spots Kylie detaching and untangling her body from Brendon's for a fleeting moment. (Each time she glanced at the sluttish blonde, Saffron found that the girl continued to glance flirtatiously at every guy within the vicinity from over Brendon's shoulder. The nerve!) Saffron immediately enters the scene, grinning and asking him to dance with her.

The pair dances playfully, just as they had months and months ago, though Saffron takes the opportunity to lean in close and whisper a warning, "Bren, stay away from this one, alright? You're too good for this."

And, of course, Ryan has to enter this scene, looking at his girlfriend and his friend dancing and looking quite intimate. He watches as Brendon does his usual eyebrow hop at her before nodding and giving Saffron a lopsided grin, giving her a gentle shove in Ryan's direction. Ryan doesn't know why he feels so damn hurt- she could have been talking to him about anything; he couldn't or wouldn't stop her from speaking to him. But what if...

...what if there is still something remaining from the initial sparks during their first meeting? Still, when Saffron slides her arms around his neck and stands on her tiptoes, Ryan plasters on a smile and holds her close for the rest of the evening, head buried in her curly hair.

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