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Chapter 2: Convo

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2nd chapter to my 1st story

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Chapter 2

"so what you wanna talk about?" I was worried why did Gerard want to talk to me?
Im only his little brothers best mate.

"oh erm nothing I forgot catch u at lunch?" Gerard looked anxious and a little bit scared.

"ok, I guess" I turned around to go to class Gerard grabbed my arm again.

"what now??" I was getting a little bit mad, not only was he making me late he was also getting annoying.
I felt his lips touch mine.
I broke away.
"what you doing???"I asked with frustration growing.
"kissing u stupid"
"well I guessed that, but seriously I don't wanna ruin my friendship with mikes"
"oh great my brother gets the hot chick not me"
Did Gerard just call me hot, and he just said Mikey gets me, but Mikey doesn't like me, not in that way anyway?
"wha...what Mikey what?" I was confused.
"As if u haven't noticed"
"noticed what"
"never mind catch you at lunch kay?"Gerard ran off to class.

While I was walking to class I was thinking. Does Mikey really like me, or is it just Gee winding me up?


Class went by fast. Me and Mikes were heading to the Cafeteria when I saw Gerard. Mikey ran off and went to talk to him while I sat on the wall waiting for him to come back. I heard half of the convocation.

"did u tell her" I heard mikes ask
"no, not really, don't be a wuss just tell her yourself"
"but our friendship I don't wanna ruin it"
"trust me bro, when have I let u down"

They walked back up to me. Mikey smiled at me. Maybe he does like me? Do I like him though? I mean I love him loads but do I love LOVE him?

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