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Chapter 3: little black boxxie

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the 3rd chapter!!!!

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Gerard went off for a fag and left me and Mikey alone. We decided to skip lunch, we weren't hungry. We sat and talked while he had his arm around me for a while when suddenly Mikey brought up a new subject.

"So, you liking anyone at the minute"
"no, well kinda, its confusing"
"oh okay, well I like someone"
"really who"
"your gonna find out soon I promise"

The bell rang and we started to walk to class, I had Physics, but mikes had Biology, we agreed to meet at the entrance after Math.

I was waiting for Mikey. He came after a few minutes, he had something in his hand. He handed me a small black box, he told me I couldn't undo it until I got home.

"Mikes what's this?" I asked its seemed strange, we don't normally get each other stuff.
"oh just something ive had for a bit, but never gave it to you"
"ok then"

We started walking home when he put his arm around my shoulder and I rested my head on his arm. It felt right. Me and Mikey, maybe I did like him in that way.

We reached my house, I went in and Mikey carried on to his house.

I walked upstairs, and took the box out of my messenger bag. Undid the lid. I was a small delicate silver ring, it had two small diamonds set into it. I was shocked. Mikey remembered, I told him ages ago that I saw this ring in the jewelers and loved it but didn't have enough money.
There was also a note. I slipped the ring on and started to read it

To my dear Annie,

OOOOOO cliff hanger!! Review and I might post more if I feel like it! Im sorry its short i just need to think of more ideas!
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