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Chapter 4: the letter

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chapter 4

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Chapter 4

(I am going to carry on with the letter)

To my dear Annie,
I know and understand that reading this letter will be awkward and I hope that it doesn't change our friendship. If you don't feel the same way its fine, I just hate lying to you. I love you Annie, with all my heart, I always have, but over the past few months I've had more feelings towards you. I can't help thinking about you twenty four seven, its driving me crazy, I just wanted you to know how I feel. I love you Annie, but more than just a friend, a lover, a girlfriend maybe.
Love from all my heart.
Michael Way

I was speech less. Mikey did like me!


Gerard's pov

Great I'm just sooooo clever aren't I!!! I just let my little brother get the girl ive liked for ages! I saw him give her the box with the ring in. I didn't think he would actually do it.
Ring. The door bell rang
"Mikey get the fucking door," I screamed up the stairs.
"No Gee u get it,"
"Why should i?" I said as I continued drawing.
"ok ok im coming keep your hair on"
I saw Mikey undo the door.


Annes pov (normal)

I walked out of my house with my ring on. I walked round to the Ways house. Feelings of fear, swam around in my brain, but fortunately there was also excitement and happiness.
I just stood there and after a few minutes I knocked on the door. Mikey answered!

I hugged him so tight it was unbelievable.
"ok, hello to you too," he said
I showed him my finger.
"your actually wearing it? I didn't think you felt the same way?" Mikey asked
"I didn't think so too, but now im defiantly sure Michael way,"
He looked into my eyes and we seemed to get closer to each other until we were interrupted by a deep voice.

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