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Chapter 5: Gerard

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chapter 5

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Chapter 5, enjoy!

"Gerard" I questioned
He turned around and walked back down to the basement.
"Gee wait," Mikey ran after him, but he was too late Gerard closed the door to the basement and locked it.
Mikey banged on the door. "Gee come on open up, I didn't know you liked her this much , I thought you said that I could have her"

Mikey was answered with a loud blast of music.
I grabbed his arm. "come on mikes he needs some time to think that's all, he'll be fine later," Mikey gave me a 'do you really think I would fall for that' look.

After a few hours Gerard finally came out of his room. He walked into the kitchen and started to make coffee.
"Gee, you ok?" Mikey shouted from his room.
Gerard mumbled something under his breath.

"don't worry mikes, I'm sure he'll get over it, come on lets go for a walk, take your mind of gee," I pulled Mikey up and laced our fingers together. We walked out of the house and down to the park. We went and sat on the swings. Mikey wasn't his usual self, Normally he would be skipping around full of hyper-ness but today he was quiet.
"Annie?" Mikey asked
"Do you think I did the right thing?"
"What you mean?"
"Ger- I interrupted "You can't help your feeling babes, and to be honest I would have chosen you anyway."
There was a awkward silence, both of them wanted to talk but neither of them spoke.
Mikey grabbed my hand and helped me up off the swing.

"Come on, we better be getting back."

"Ann- I cut him of with a romantic kiss on his lips.
He just smiled and we carried on walking.

We walked into the house. Then we saw Gerard. He was on the stairs leading down to the basement, surrounded by empty beer cans. he was unconscious. Small droplets of blood trickled down his forehead. Mikey cried, so did I. We ran over to him.
"Gee, talk to me," Mikey was worried.
" Anne call and ambulance NOW!"
I ran to the phone and dialed 911. An ambulance was on the way. Mikey was sat on the stairs with Gerard lying unconscious in his arms. I decided to leave them alone for a bit, he needs time. I picked up the phone a rung Mrs. Way. She Sounded very upset, and worried, she is going to meet us at the hospital.
The ambulance came and they put Gerard on a stretcher and carried him onto the ambulance. Mikey followed.
"Miss, are you family?" one of the paramedics.
"No, erm kind of, its complicated"
"Ok you can come with us on the ambulance, but you must understand that we don't normally do this unless you are family,"
"Thank you" I thanked the paramedic and climbed onto the ambulance, which seemed like a van of utter depression.
I sat next to Mikey who was sat next to Gerard stroking his head.
"Don't worry babe, everything will be ok I promise" I wiped away one of Mikey's tears, the ambulance pulled off.

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