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Chapter 6: singing

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cahpter 6 duh!

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Chapter 6!

Me, Mikey, and his mother sat in the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity. People came and people went, but we still stayed here. What could have been taking so long? We just sat there in silence, me and Mikeys hands laced together. Every now and again he would look at me seeking comfort. I was always there to tell him everything would be ok.

A doctor came out of the door they took Gerard in.

All three of us stood up.

"Mrs. Way we have some news about your son, he is suffering from severe concussion, this means he most probably be okay. He cracked his scull, we presumed it was caused by hitting his head while falling down the stairs in a drunken state. We have fixed those injuries as well as we can but he will just need a lot of rest when he wakes up." The doctor spoke
"Thank you doctor" said Mrs. Way
"Yeah thank you" Mikey added
"Thanks" I added.

"you can come and see him if you wish, but I must warn you he looks a lot worse than he actually is" the doctor said in a very professional manor.
We followed the doctor to room 56. We walked in not knowing what to expect. Mrs. Way ran in and flung her arms around her son. Mikey was in shock, so many wires, so many cables. In Gerard's arm there was a needle, I know he hates needles, good job he didn't see them do it.
Mikey was allowed a few days off school to be with his older brother, and when they explained what happened to the school they said that I could have some time off too, seems how I was as much evolved as Mikey was.
The time seemed to pass slowly. After about 8 hours of sitting by Gerard's bed , me and Mikey walked down to the cafeteria to get some coffee.

"Annie..."Mikey whispered so only I could hear.
"do you think this is a good idea" He said as he played with the ring he gave me on my finger.
I smiled at him not sure what to say. "Don't worry mikes, fate brought us together, if I was meant to be with Gee then fate would have brought him and me together, but it didn't did it?"
"No I guess not" he leaned in and kissed he gently on my lips.

We walked back to Gerard's room. We sat down and read the latest Kerrang magazine together while Mrs. Way sat and sang to Gerard. She has such a beautiful voice. (a.n. I don't now if she does or not but its my story) I joined in, we were singing that sunshine song. You are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skys are grey...... It was an amazing moment, even Mikey had started singing. We all stopped singing when we saw Gerard move and open his eyes.
"Don't stop please" Gerard mumbled, like nothing was wrong.
So we all carried on singing. After we sung the song again. I left to go and found a nurse and tell her that Gerard had woken up.

I came back after a few minutes to find Mikey and Gerard talking like he had never fallen down the stairs, cracked his scull or suffered from severe concussion. Mikey told him everything that had happened, and Gerard started to remember what had happened.

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