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Chapter 7!

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chapter 7

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Chapter 7.........

The nurse told us that Gerard was going to okay and he has to stay in another night, just to check that he is fully recovered. She also said that it isn't uncommon for him to pass out now and then, but if he does just give her a shout and she will be right here.
Mikey and Mrs. Way went home to get Gerard some clothes, his sketch book and other things he might want. This left me and Gerard alone in his private room.
"So, I did this all over you hey?" Gerard asked jokingly
"Yeah I guess you could say that,"
"Has anyone ever told you, how beautiful you are?"
"Yes thank you your brother did yesterday, and I prefer it from his mouth thank you very much" I said annoyed.
How dare he try and flirt with me, I am dating his brother.
He saw I was annoyed, he leaned in and kissed me so passionately I couldn't resist, but all the time I was thinking about Mikey. I broke away,
"I'm sorry Gee, but I love your brother,"
I felt a tear dripping down my cheek. Gerard likes me, Mikey loves me. Why is love so complicated? Why can't it just be what we imagined as kids, we find the "one" and we live happily ever after.
I ran out of the hospital. Tears wear running down my cheeks. I bumped into Mikey as I was running out.
"Annie?" Mikey said.
He looked at his mother,
"Go after her then u idiot" Mrs. Way ordered. Mikey smiled at her then ran after me.
I stopped outside behind a tree and sat down behind it. I buried my head in my knees. What am I supposed to do, I don't want Gerard being injured again, but I don't want to leave my ickle Mikey.
I must have looked dreadful, I had eyeliner all down my face that had mixed with all the red glittery stuff I put underneath my eyes and all my black and red hair was in my face soaking wet. I hadn't even noticed it was raining. Just then I heard a familiar voice, my heart warmed up.
"Annie, love what's wrong?" I looked up, and there he stood, Mikey. He looked so hot when he was wet.
"It's Gerard," I said very quietly
"Annie Wannie what did he do?"
"He ........."
"Come on baby you know you can tell me."
"hekissedme" I said it so fast it all linked together
"In English please" Mikey said taking my hand and kissing it softly.
"He kissed me" Mikey stopped and looked up into my eyes.
"That Bastard" He said and walked back up to the hospital doors, He still had hold of my hand. I ran after him trying to get him to stop. I could tell he was scared, and worried, because his hand was sweating and he had a very tight grip on my hand.
"Wait Mikey" I begged.
"No Annie, I have to sort this, I'm not having my good for nothing brother kissing my girlfriend okay?
When we got to his room, Mikey sat me down on the seat outside.
"Wait here Baby girl,"
I didn't say anything, I was worried. What was Mikey going to do?
He kissed me on my fore head and disappeared into the room, letting go of my hand at last minute. I Sat there not knowing what to expect.
Mikeys pov
I could kill him, he let me have her, so why did he kiss her. He left her in such a state it made heart break just seeing her like that.
I walked into his room, letting go of Annie's hand just before I went in fully.
"How dare you" I muttered under my breath.
Gerard smirked.
"HOW DARE YOU" I shouted loosing my patience.
Mum looked up. "Mikey what are you doing?" Mum asked
"Mum, he needs to learn not to upset MY girl."

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