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Chapter 8

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chapter 8, cuddleing

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Chapter 8
Anne's pov
"Mikey NO!" Mrs. Way shouted and grabbed her sons arms as he went to hit his brother.
It's hard to think that under an hour ago we were all singing softly together.
I dashed in. Mikey turned around, I gave him a disappointed look.
"Come on mikes, you can stay at mine tonight" I grabbed his hand and lead him out.
"No, I need to teach him a lesson" Mikey insisted, giving Gerard harsh looks.
"NO were going to my house" I dragged Mikey out.
We stopped outside.
Mikey kissed me.
"Come on," I dragged him off.
We walked out the doors of the hospital, and got a cab.
When we got to my house I led him up to my room.
He noticed the picture of me, him, Gerard and Frank on my desk. It was taken after school one day at the park. He set it down.
" Last time I was here I slept on the floor and you kicked me!" Mikey remembered
"and..."I asked
"You better not kick me again" Mikey joked and chucked a pillow at me.
I chucked one pack at him. He smiled at me, half laughing, the smile I love. He chucked one back at me. That lead to a huge pillow fight, which I won.
I looked at my watch, it was 11pm.
"Can we go to sleep mikes I'm tired?" I asked
"Sure, I'll take the sofa if you want,"
"Don't be silly, you're sharing my bed with me,"
"I can't"
"YES you can"
Mikey climbed into my bed with me. We cuddled up together.
"Goodnight Annie" Mikey said
"Goodnight Mikey"
He kissed me on my forehead and he went to sleep. I also fell asleep listening to Mikeys safe heart beat as a lullaby

"Annie, Anne, wake up baby" I woke to Mikey nudging me gently.
"You better get dressed, we need to go and see Gerard I've had a call from my mom, things aren't going like they expected." Mikey explained.
He was already dressed, he looked hot in whatever he wore. Simple plain black jeans and a misfits t-shirt.
"Is he okay?" I asked
"I don't know"
I slipped on my jeans and a t-shirt and me and Mikey went to get into his car.
We pulled into the hospital, and walked up to Gerard's room hand in hand.
Sorry its short guys, ive just had writers block and carnt think of anything to happen so if you have any ideas they will be very welcome!
Thanks for reviewing and everything!
Love lucyxxx
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