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chapter 10

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chapter 10 der

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Chapter 9!

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We walked into Gerard's room, our hands laced together. Mikey let go of my hand and went to hug his mother. I looked at Gerard. He was asleep, well that's what it looked like.
"Don't worry Anne, he's been going in and out of consciousness, he'll be fine"
It was strange how Mrs. Way always knew if something was wrong and what you were thinking.
"So he's not sleeping" I asked
"No, he's unconscious, see if you look at the monitor , you can tell by his heart rate"
"Thanks, do you want anything I'll drag Mikey off to get it if you want?"
"No I'm fine love" Mrs. Way answered

I saw Mikey he had gone and sat in the corner of Gerard's room. He looked angry. He was biting his lip, his fists were clenched together, and he was muttering things under his breath. I went to go and sit with him.
"Mikey, just forget about it please, I'll make sure he wont do it again," I tried to reassure him.
"I know my brother, he wont, he'll keep doing it until he gets his way." He said getting louder as he got to his way. It was Saturday so everyone was off school. We decided that we should ring Frank, after all he was one of Gerard's friends. Mikey went to pick him up. Leaving, me, Mrs. Way, and unconscious Gerard alone.

"Mrs. Way, I don't know what to do" I said, quietly.
"What do you mean, sweetie, and please call me mum, I prefer it"
"Okay mum, The whole I'm Mikeys girlfriend, but Gerard likes me too thing, its just getting too much for me, I can't handle it."
"Oh love, I don't know what to say, apart from do what your heart wants, and I know for a fact that Mikey loves you. He asked me about that ring of yours, he had been saving up for ages, he wouldn't do that for just any old girl you know!"
"Thanks, Mikeys the only guy for me I'm sure, but I don't want to spoil his and Gee's relationship"
"Don't worry they'll get over it!" my second mum said encouragingly

Just then Mikey walked through the door with frank.
Mikey came in and sat next to me leaving frank to go and see Gerard at his bedside.
Mikey put his hand on my leg,
"I love you annie" He said
"I love you too" I said

I lent in and kissed him on his lips. It would have let to a full on make out if I didn't stop him, I wasn't comfortable doing that in front of mum.

Just then Gerard woke up

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