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Wait no this is chapter 10

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chapter 10!!!!!

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Chapter 10 OOOOO double figures!

"Gerard love, how you feeling?" Mrs. Way asked him.
"Fine mum"
"You know if you could stay conscious then you could go home" She added
"Yeah I know,"

Gerard caught a glimpse of me a Mikey sat reading the latest guitar magazine.

"oh I see the happy couple are here" Gerard said sarcastically
"Yep" Mikey said ignoring the sarcasm.

Everyone just sat there in Gerard's room in the hospital, Gee and frank were talking, Mrs. Way was reading and me and Mikes were watching TV. Before we knew it, 6 hours had gone by. Gerard hadn't lost consciousness in over 7 hours.

The doctor came in.

"Mrs. Way, can we talk?" The doctor asked.
Mrs. Way set her book down and walked out of the door.


Mrs. Way walked back into the room her eyes gleaming.
"Gee, you can come home!"

Everyone was happy, and Gerard had seemed to have forgot about his little crush.



Me and Mikey were cuddled up on his sofa, watching TV. His house was now my second house, I spent more time here than I do my house. We heard the door slam shut.

"GEE?" Mikey Yelled.

"I'm not coming in there if you two are all lovey dovey"

"Were not" Mikey shouted back

He started passionately kissing me, Gerard walked in.

"Oi, you said"
"Anything to annoy you bro"

We sat in silence watching the TV, but Mikey broke it like he always did.

" At work today I was looking at these Irvine welsh books and I found an amazing band name"

"really what was it?" I asked

"My Chemical Romance" Mikey answered.

"Wow, man that's amazing" Gee Added

" I know!" Mikey laughed

"Well im going to go to the basement if anyone wants me" Gerard said
He got up and walked out.
"so you know what you want yet" Mikey asked
"For your birthday, its next week idiot."
"Oh yeah, and no, I don't know what I want"
" Oh too bad, That means your stuck with my idea" He said with a cheeky grin on his face.

Sorry its short people I just wanted another chapter up. Still don't know how to add a story to your favorites list,. Please help me!!!! Or I'll be mean and not post another chapter until someone tells me!
Love Lucyxxx

P.S. thanks 4 the reviews I love you guys!
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