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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

I woke up. I was still on the sofa with Mikey. He woke up too. I guessed we fell asleep.

"hey baby, you hungry?" he asked
"No not really, are you?"
I chucked a half eaten bag of popcorn at him
"Well eat this then" I laughed

He sat up and started eating the popcorn. My birthday was next Tuesday, but it was also Valentines Day too. Yeah my birthday is February the 14th. It's strange, franks is on Halloween and mines on Valentines Day. Holy fuck its Sunday that means it's only 2days to my birthday.
I Jumped up and started dancing.
"two days to my birthday, two day to my birthday" I attempted to sing.
Mikey was in stitches on the sofa
"what's so funny" I asked
"When you jumped up your trousers came down"
I looked down and all you could see was my sponge bob square pants knickers. I pulled up my trousers quickly. I had turned scarlet.
"Don't worry, I found it sexy" Mikey added causing me to giggle like a little girl.



Buzz buzz, my phone was vibrating on my desk.
"hello," I said picking it up.
"happy birthday!" Mikey screamed down the phone.
"thank you"
"so, can you be down here for 3"

I set down my phone. Mikey had something planned I knew for sure.

Buzz buzz, my phone vibrated again.
"Oh and bring everything you would need for a weekend away"
He quickly put the phone down.

Mikeys taking me away?
Oh well I'll soon find out.

I showered and collected all the normal things and slung them into my rucksack.
I was wearing my fishnets, a death kitty skirt, and my knee high boots, exactly what I wore the day Mikey gave me the ring., which was also on my finger.

I was just about to start walking when I saw a car pull up.
Mikey got out.
"I couldn't let my baby get cold now, could I?"
I smiled and jumped into the car throwing my bag into the boot.
"HEY, I recognize that outfit! Its our getting together outfit isn't it?" Mikey asked
"If you want to call it that" I answered
"Anyway you look beautiful in whatever you wear." He lent over and kissed me. I didn't even notice that Frank, and Gerard were sat in the back of the car.
I turned around and saw them.
"Sorry, mom wouldn't let us go on our own" Mikey said
"It's fine" I lent over and kissed him again.

"Oi less of that" Gerard shouted from the back.
"Shut up Gee, just because you had to bring Frank because you can't get a girlfriend" Mikey said successfully.
"Well, erm," Gee thank fully shut up.
"So were we going," I asked Mikey.
"You'll see"
After 20 minutes in the car and about 72563 arguments over which c.d. to listen to we stopped.
"were here" Mikey said with happiness in his voice!
We were at the airport. Mikey took out my bags and carried them for me. He wouldn't tell me were we were going. Mikey grabbed hold of my hand and laced it together with his. Gerard and Frank were following behind us.

Thanks for the reviews and stuff guys. I don't own mcr, or sponge bob and anything else I mentioned apart from all the things I created.
Sorry to Jess (MCR_dynamite) cause she told me how to add a story to my favorites but I didn't notice! Thank yooooooooouuuuuuuuuu!
Love Lucy xx
P.S. I know what's going to happen know so hopefully I will be updating a lot!
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