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Chapter 12!

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Chapter 12 (I think)

The plane landed, in New York at around 8ish.
We were in a taxi. Me, Gerard and Frank all squashed into the back and Mikey in the front because he was the only one who knew were we were going.

We pulled into a hotel parking lot and all got out. Mikey undid my door for me. Gosh he was being sweet today. He shut it quickly though in Gerard's face and neither of us could stop laughing. We checked into the hotel and went to our room. We left Frank and Gerard on the way because they had a room on a different floor. We walked up to the top floor. He unlocked the door.
"Omg, Mikey you shouldn't have, I mean it must have cost you loads!" I danced around the suite he had booked.
"Anything to see you happy" He said snaking his arms around my waist. I turned around and kissed him.
"Mikey you're the best boyfriend I could ever want." I kissed him again
"Annie, Angel wake up, I have chocolate!" I woke to Mikeys sweet voice.
"Give me the chocolate," I said sticking one arm out of the duvet.
Mikey laughed.
"come on seriously, wake up"
"Ok," I slowly crawed out of bed, "No get back into bed, I didn't tell you to get out, I just told you to wake up" I climbed back into bed and Mikey passed me a tray. On it he had place a double chocolate muffin (my favorite muffin) some toast and a rose in a small vase. I smiled.
"Mikey your spoiling me!"
"I'm sorry I just love the look on your face, when your happy" I ate up my break fast and got dressed. Mikey did my eyeliner for me. Its pretty cool having a boyfriend who you can share eyeliner with.
"So what we doing today?" I asked

HAHAHA cliff hanger!!!!!!! I don't own mcr lalalalalala. Thanks to every 1 who reads! I would like to thank Jess aka MCR_dynamite cause she always reviews! You people who do review give me some of the inspiration I need!
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P.S. if you've got any ideas of what they could do in new york then could you tell me cause I need Mikey and Anne to be doing something while something else happens! Please tell me cause I have no idea what there is to do in new york!
P.P.S sorry its short! I have homework to do, but I wanted to post chapter 12!
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