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Sarah and Jareth come face to face once more, and the unexpected happens.

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Disclaimer: See Chapter One

Ok, here's the next chapter. Thanks to those of you who reviewed. It's a little short but there's more to come so don't you worry your pretty little heads.

Chapter 2: Aaron or We're not in Kansas (you choose, make it a poll if you want)

Sarah turned and frowned. He looked like he usually did. Black poets shirt flowing around him, black tights and boots. His blond spiked hair drifted around him in the breeze, arrogance carved into his face. "Jareth." She acknowledged.

He gave her a scornful look, but she stood her ground. "I'm surprised you can show your face here, after last time."

She scowled at him. "Look, I was in a really bad mood. I admit the rocks were a little much, but do you really think you'd scare me into never coming back?"

He smiled mockingly, flashing his sharp teeth. "No, you are much too stubborn, so what happened this time, to make you want to escape your reality?"

Sarah didn't answer and he laughed coldly. "Who left you, hmm?" Jareth regretted it nearly immediately, he did not miss the look of pain that crossed Sarah's features as she turned away from him. Ludo growled menacingly at the Goblin King and Hoggle gave him a murderous look.

"Come on guys." She said softly "Lets get out of here." They all turned and started to head in to the forest when Jareth called out again.


She nearly growled herself, but stopped. "You guys go ahead. I'll catch up in a minute."

She caught the concerned look on their faces, but motioned them to continue on. "Go on, I can take care of myself."

Hoggle threw another angry glare back at the Goblin King but nodded and started to walk. Sarah turned back and approached Jareth.

"Well, what?"

He smiled wickedly. "I thought you might like a gift, for your journey." He drew a crystal out of the air and threw it towards her. She caught it in one hand, but when she looked down at it, she saw a peach. He grinned at her, and she frowned.

"Oh wow," She said sarcastically "Your sense of humour amazes me."

She threw the peach at him with all her strength, but it hit a rock and shattered in to pieces.

"I really wish you wouldn't destroy my property." He said calmly, stony mask firmly in place.

"I was aiming for your head." She said acidly.

"You really should pay more respect." His tone was cold and dangerous. She marched up to him, jabbing a finger in his chest.

"Listen here mister, I am in a really bad mood, and I don't feel like throwing rocks again, so......." Sarah stopped her tirade suddenly. The soft breeze that had previously been blowing about the area had increased whipping up leaves and sticks, roaring in their ears.

"Jareth, what's going on?" It was clear by his expression that he knew as much as she did about the sudden wind. Sarah brought her arm up to protect her face from the debris and dust flying violently around them. At that moment Sara had the distinct feeling of being jerked back and the sensation that one get just before being transported somewhere. Feeling slightly panicked, Sarah yelled and reached out for Jareth. She felt one of Jareth's strong leather gloved hands close around her wrist and then they were falling.

Sarah landed hard and felt something solid strike her head. She tried to move, but decided it was a bad idea as a wave of nausea hit her. She lay back and tried to get rid of the little birds flying around her head.

"Sarah?" She heard his voice from a small distance, and though it pained her to do so, she sat up and replied.

"I'm over here!" She blinked trying to clear her vision somewhat and saw Jareth coming towards her, clambering over a heap of junk.

He landed in front of her and looked at her in concern. "Your hurt."

She raised an eyebrow at his uncharacteristic show of concern but decided not to comment. "I'll survive."

She looked around her. It appeared that they were still in the Labyrinth. They had landed in The Wide Tract of Rottenness, but something didn't feel right. There were no trash goblins wandering around, gathering bits of fascinating junk and the sky, which had been a clear crisp blue moments before now held clouds that were dark and ominous.

"Umm, are we still in the Labyrinth?" /'Cause we sure as hell aren't in Kansas/ she thought sarcastically to herself.

Jareth who had also been observing their surroundings, looked back to her, face impassive. "Not my one." Sarah opened her mouth to start questioning his reply but a voice caught the attention of both of them.

"Very observant Jareth. I do believe you're slightly smarter than when we last met. Which would make you an idiot at best." In front of them stood a man wearing cloths very similar to Jareth's, except in place of Jareth's leather jacket, this guy had a billowing cape. His dark hair hung to just above his shoulders and was pulled back in to a ponytail, his eyes were black and cold.

"He's dead." Muttered Jareth quietly, more to himself than Sarah.

"Correction, it is you who are dead, or shall very soon be so."

Jareth got to his feet pulling Sarah with him causing her head to swim. Her knees began to buckle but Jareth's strong arms supported her. She glanced at the man that stood before her and he caught her eye. His obsidian eyes were molten pools of black, and Sarah felt like she could drown in their depths. And not in the good romantic way, they were black holes sucking you in with no hope of return. She wrenched her eyes away from his gaze, staring at the ground. She heard him laugh softly and the sound made her shiver. She leant closer to Jareth who tightened his grip on her. Another tingling sensation ran through her body and the hands gripping her tightened again, but when she looked up the eyes she met were not mismatched blue and brown but menacing darkness. She tried to break free but his grip increased until it became painful. She saw Jareth make a move towards the two of them but he stopped when the man spoke.

"Ah ah Jareth. I really don't think you'll be wanting to do that. I really don't want to hurt my future bride."

"Uh excuse me? Future bride?" Sarah's head may have been hurting but no way was she standing for that shit.

"Indeed." With another wave of his hand the trio were standing in the throne room of the Castle Beyond the Goblin City. It was much quieter than Jareth's, with only a few goblins either sitting or scurrying across the floor to their destination. Sarah also noted that a few human servants seemed to tend here.

"Now, how do you like your new home, my love?" Sarah tried to struggle again, not liking his tone, but found herself overrun with another wave of nausea. Jareth growled and moved to throw something at the man who held Sarah but nothing happened. The man laughed, his hot breath on the back of Sarah's neck.

"Looking for this, brother?" In the his hand the man held a crystal, which in turn contained a mirage of swirling colours, each swimming with others to make new ones. In any other situation, Sarah would have been mesmerised but in a blink the crystal was gone. Sarah, who had been having trouble keeping conscious, directed the remainder of her concentration on the man who held her who had began to speak again.

"You truly are a simpleton Jareth. Do you think I would leave you any power, with which you could trouble me once again?" He smiled cruelly. "No, I do not need any inconvenience at this time. Now if you will excuse us, I need to speak with my bride."

Fury was etched across Jareth's every feature, but before he had a chance to reply he was gone. The man turned Sarah around roughly to face him and ran a hand over her face. She felt the pain in her head disappear and found she could move without wanting to throw up. She pulled apart from him and backed away.

"Who the hell are you? What am I doing here? Why am I....."

He cut her of with an angry look. "If you continue to talk this much, I might have to give you back that head wound."

Sarah took the threat to heart and fell quiet, waiting for him to start explaining. He looked satisfied at her silence and began to talk.

"I am Aaron. I am the Goblin King and ruler of this Labyrinth. As to why you are here.." He grinned at her and she backed away some more. "...I found myself....dissatisfied with the company of my world. I went in search of my perfect Queen and I found you. True you did not even occupy my time line, but that was easily remedied. My brother being caught in the spell was unfortunate but he wont be much trouble."

Sarah put up her hand. "Whoa there. Queen? Only in your dreams."

"Until now, that is true." She shuddered at the look he gave her but stood her ground.

"You are strong, I will break you! I have been very generous to you. You should be gratified just to be in my presence."

Aaron turned his back and walked towards his thrown and Sarah fumed.

/Oh yeah, gratify this buddy!! / She picked up a small goblin, which had been trying to make it's way across the room without being harmed, and hurled at the Goblin King's retreating back. In a flash Sarah was on the ground. Her hands stung as they slid along the rough stone floor and she could taste the metallic hint of blood in her mouth. Aaron bent down and grabbed her head by the back of hair and yanked her head up painfully to face him.

"You would do well to respect me woman. Once I've had my way with you, you are very much expendable." He kissed her harshly, forcing his tounge into her mouth. Sarah struggled and he pulled back, pushing her to the ground.

"Maybe you would do well to spend some time in the dungeon also." He kicked her in the ribs and then once again she was falling.

End Chap.

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