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Eerie Familiarity

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Sarah and Jareth have to deal with Aaron the hard way.

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Well, here we go again folks. And I mean that too. Read on!

Chapter 3: Eerie Familiarity

Jareth found himself in a dark, dingy cell with only one door and no Sarah. He stood up and went to the door. There was a goblin guard posted outside the door. He knew that they would be a minor problem. No doubt the door was magikally trapped so he could not escape. He growled in frustration and began to pace the small cell. Pacing helped him think.

So did a glass of brandy, but that wasn't an option. He grimaced at the thought of Aaron with HIS Sarah. He shook his head suddenly. No not his Sarah. He no longer loved her. She despised him and so he distanced himself, repressing his feelings until they had disappeared completely. True, he still had a certain protective streak for her but he no longer loved her...... Jareth laughed bitterly. He was only fooling himself. He would always love her, whether it was his choice or not. Her friends had noticed also, but he had sworn them to secrecy. Not that the dwarf would tell her. Higgle didn't trust Jareth as far as he could throw him. The dog and the beast seemed to be a little more sympathetic, but he really didn't care. Loving her was an inconvenience that he could not allow.

/But if Aaron even touches her...../

Suddenly Sarah appeared on the ground beside him.

Sarah felt ice-cold stone beneath her body and made to sit up but jumped away when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She let out a breath of relief when she saw that it was Jareth.

"I've never been so happy to see you."

He raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment just helped her on to a wooden bench in the corner, which sounded as if it would break under her weight. Sarah coughed harshly favouring her ribs, which were tender from the kicks.

She looked around. "Gee, you'd think, being a king he'd give us nicer accommodation."

Jareth frowned as he took in the marks on her face and the slight bruising of her lips. His voice was low but Sarah could hear the anger running just beneath the surface, ready to erupt.

"Why did he send you down here?"

Sarah shifted, a little uncomfortable. Jareth approached her and she inched away slightly. He stopped and sighed. The last thing he wanted was for her to be afraid of him.

"What did you do?"

".....I threw a goblin at him."

Despite himself Jareth smiled. "You really need to get out of the habit of throwing things."

She attempted a smile herself and surprised her self by succeeding.

"So.." Sarah drew her knees up to her chin and looked over to Jareth who had began to pace again. "..What's the deal with this guy? You obviously know him, and if he wants to marry me, I really want to know how to kill him."

Jareth glanced over to her his face serious. "Aaron is my brother."

"Yeah I got that part."

He threw her an angry look. "Are you going to let me tell you the story or will you be constantly interrupting?"

She frowned at his sharp tone, but kept quiet. Jareth resumed his pacing and began to speak. "Aaron is my half brother. My mother was widowed shortly after I was born and she remarried about 20 years later. She was a sorceress and my father was fae. Her new husband however was human. A sorcerer of equal power to her called Kaleb. Aaron is a result of that union. Unfortunately for my mother, the man she married was not all that he seemed. He was power hungry and that soon corrupted him and his son. Kaleb left to conquer a kingdom far from the underground kingdoms, but Aaron stayed, his sights set on the Goblin Kingdom, for what purpose I don't know."

Jareth stopped and looked over to Sarah who motioned him to continue. "You know first hand the job of the Goblin King. Under the wrong ruler those powers can be grossly abused. I was forced to fight Aaron for ruler ship of the kingdom over 700 years ago. I killed him."

Jareth stopped there and continued his pacing. Sarah stayed silent for a while, trying to fit his new information about Jareth in to her mental profile of him. It did explain his constant distance and erratic moods.

/I mean killing your brother has to mess you up emotionally some how/

She was pulled from her musings by Jareth's voice. "Did he explain why he brought us here?"

Sarah nodded. "Apparently he wants me to become his queen. Not going to happen, but he said you weren't meant to be here."

Jareth nodded and returned to pacing..... again. Sarah rolled her eyes and retreated into her own thoughts until she realised that she was freezing. This was not surprising, considering all she was wearing was a tank top and cargo pants. She shivered and rubbed her arms in an attempt to warm herself. Jareth must have noticed because the next thing Sarah felt was his jacket around her shoulders. She looked up at him as he sat down beside her. "Thanks" she said softly leaning against his chest, relishing the warmth that came from him. "Not at all." He wrapped his arms around her thin form and was mildly surprised when she didn't object but let him pull her closer. Sarah was surprised at herself, but didn't bother to listen to the nagging voice in her head that told her it was a bad man she was snuggling up to. She felt safe in his arms, and right now that was what she needed. Sarah drifted into an uneasy sleep in Jareth's arms and he watched her. Emotions that registered on her sleeping face told him that it was not a peaceful dream that she was experiencing. He smoothed back some hair from her face and kissed her forehead. She seemed to calm down slightly at this action and Jareth pulled her closer again. He had no idea how they were going to get out of this. Without his magik his practically helpless, but he would not give Sarah to Aaron without a fight.

Sarah stirred in his arms and he looked down on her. She opened her eyes groaned, turning and buried her face in his shirt.

"Why couldn't it have been a dream?" She mumbled.

Jareth chuckled lightly at her reaction.

She looked up at him. "So, oh great Goblin King, any brilliant escape plans?"

He was about to answer when a voice caused them both to jump apart.

"If I didn't know better Jareth, I'd say you liked her."

Aaron stood before the pair, evil smirk fixed in place. "And you my love, you should know better than to keep the close company of other men."

He backhanded her and sent her flying into the wall. Jareth jumped up but Aaron had him in a painful magikal grip.

Sarah got to her feet. "Stop!" She yelled Aaron looked at her scornfully. "No goblin to throw dear? Why should I?"

Sarah glanced at Jareth whom she could see was in immense pain.

"I..... I'll run the Labyrinth." Aaron released Jareth and Sarah darted to his side, but did not help him up knowing that it would probably hurt his pride. He got to his feet himself and stood tall beside Sarah. "WE, will run the Labyrinth, together."

Aaron smiled. "Yes this does make things much more interesting."

He fixed Sarah with a piercing stare. "You have obviously never faced a Labyrinth before, or you would know what you were getting your self into."

Sarah decided to keep the fact that she had beaten Jareth's Labyrinth quiet for now, it might one of their only advantages.

She nodded at him. "I'll risk it. If I..... if we win, you give Jareth his magik back and we both get to go back to our time line."

He laughed. "Unlikely, but alright. If I win you will be mine, and Jareth.... well I shall deal with him as I wish."

"Fine." Sarah was defiant but underneath she was a mess of nerves and uncertainty.

They were once again transported and once again the place held an eerie familiarity for Sarah. She looked over the Labyrinth from the top of the hill. Though this time, the place looked dark and dangerous. The sky was stormy and lightning shot through the clouds swirling overhead. A clock appeared beside Aaron and he drew their attention towards it.

"You have 26 hours in which to solve the Labyrinth or else you are mine forever."

"What is it with these guys and their flare for the dramatic?" Sarah muttered to her self.

"Why two days Aaron?" questioned Jareth, who had fixed his brother with an evil stare.

Aaron gave them another of his chilling laughs. "Really brother, my Labyrinth is a bit more challenging than the child's game you would have it. Remember, 26 hours."

Aaron walked over to Sarah who backed away but was stopped by his hand grabbing her arm and pulling her close. "To remember me love." His breath was hot on her ear and he forced another bruising kiss on her lips. And with that he faded away in a swirl of glitter.

"You people really like the mysterious vanishing act, dontcha?"

Jareth scowled at her. "If you are comparing myself to Aaron in any way..." She held up her hands in defence.

"No way. Just comparing experiences. Just a tip, but so far your winning." Jareth's angry look faded but he still looked rather annoyed. He started down the hill towards the entrance of the Labyrinth. Sarah shrugged and followed him.

/Oh this is going to be fun/ she thought sarcastically. Her body shook in remembrance of the kiss. She felt dirty and disgusted with her self for letting it happen. She always seemed to attract the wrong kind of man. /Or drive the good ones away/ She though sourly.

End Chap.

Well, hoped you like that. Any mistakes with the spelling, grammar or formatting please do tell me and I'll fix it in a flash. I wrote this a while ago and I'm being lazy and using the cut and paste method of reposting. Don't blame me, I'm in the middle of winter exams. God damn college... grumble...

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