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Chapter 4: Everything's Going to be Ok Now

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DNO (Do Not Own). Nto much to say, lots of crying though. :'(

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I was driving down the main road heading for somewhere quiet. An alley would work.

I pulled down a tight one.

I dismounted my bike and sat down on the pavement next to the wall. I leaned against it and bawled.

Johnny didn't want me anymore, I couldn't believe it. He was gone from me forever, I couldn't go back, he said he wanted me to go. I couldn't hurt him by going back.

"Trying, trying, trying again, to come back, be back, hold you again. I just wanna be yours again, wanna be loved by you again, to try again, and be better this time," I whispered to a tune. I suddenly realized I was singing 'Trying Again.' I wrote it for my band. I wrote it partially for Johnny, and partially for a guy had just broken up with, another member of the band.

I put my hand up to open the locket I never took off, it had Johnny in it.

My hand got there and felt nothing.

"Crap! They must have taken it off to look at it while I was asleep. Snoopy weirdoes. They're always doing stuff like that, since before I left even.

I decided, no matter how much Johnny didn't want me again, I needed him, and so I needed that locket.

I mounted by bike and headed in the opposite direction of the highway. I needed that locket.

I got there about fifteen minutes later; it's not that far from the main road to the highway.

I slowed down and got the motor on low, so I wouldn't cause a ruckus like earlier. My gut still hurts, and my head, my shoulder, my neck, my ass... everything. They beat me pretty bad.

I was coming up to Pony's house and suddenly the door opened. I dismounted my bike and Johnny bolted down the stairs. He had me around the neck instantly. He was crying.

I hugged him back, I squeezed hard, I didn't know what this was about, but I knew I'd take advantage of it anyway.

"Terri... I-I'm sorry, I didn't... I didn't mean..." he was sobbing so hard he couldn't make a sentence much less breathe.

"Shhhhhh... Johnny it's ok, I'm here now..." he cut me off.

"Don't go. Ever. No matter what I say, just don't go... I need you, I really... really... d-do..." he was still sobbing and squeezing my neck so hard I thought my head would pop off like a doll's. I didn't care, though. Johnny still wanted me here after all I did.

He had been right, I shouldn't have left. That was unfair to him that I didn't tell him anything, send anything care of Ponyboy or something so Dad wouldn't wonder, let him take extra beatings cause I left. It was unfair. I felt terrible, yet wonderful because despite this Johnny still wanted me around.

While I was hugging him I noticed something: we are both really short. He was only a little bit shorter than me, no more than two inches, and I'm five four. This suddenly struck me as funny, so I began to giggle. Then laugh.

Johnny broke the hug and looked at me like I was retarded.

"We are really short," I said simply, answering his questioning face. He thought for about two seconds, and then he started laughing too. Ponyboy leaned out the door and looked at us like we were mental.

Johnny pointed to him, "He is too!" And he started laughing again. Ponyboy looked at us and started giggling too, the Soda and Steve joined in, followed by Two-Bit, and then Darry, but Dally looked like he'd like to shoot us all. Friendly lookin' guy. Still cute... ARGH! NO!

We all went inside and laughed some more. We were going to have a fun afternoon.
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