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Not just a dream

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Theresa has a desturbing dream and awakes to find a hooded figure looming over her head!! She isn't sure what the dream means, but she knows this: She has to drop out or it could mean the death of ...

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"I can't believe you two did that" Odie said, he was attempting to look serious, but had managed to look constepated instead.
"You'd better believe it" Theresa said, her sides were stinging from laughing so hard and running so fast. Theresa and Jay were hiding out in the others boys's room. They were attempting to delay the torture they would receive from the 'pink monsters' when they returned to their room.
"I want pictures!" Herry said, he had just finished sulking about having lost ANOTHER game to Odie on the x-box.
"We all do Herry" Jay said with a laugh, he then choked when he found his sides were rather touchy from all the laughing. Neil was in the bathroom, messing around with the free things the hotel had givin them.
"EWWWWW! They have GREEN soap!!!!" they all heard from the bathroom, they started to laugh again (or, in Jay and Theresa's case; have a coughing fit)
"Oh my god! Not GREEN soap!" Theresa said in a immitation of Neil,
"I know! It's a tragedy!" Neil said, he was taking her seriously.
"Dear Jesus" Herry murmured.

There was pounding on the door.
"Hand over Jay and Theresa and we wont break you all in half" came Archie menacing voice form outside.
"I'm scared" Herry said dryly,
"I think we should surrender, they are going to eat us" Odie said in a robot voice.
"I'd prefer to stay here, what do you think Jay?" Theresa asked,
"Hmmm, stay in here all night or go and have our limbs ripped off one by one...hmmmm, I'll stay here" Jay said.
"You can't hide forever!" Atlanta yelled at them from the other side of the door,
"Watch us" Jay said.

10 minutes later...

"No, i can't do this, I'd rather be eaten then listen to Neil all night" Jay said, they had all gone insanly silent and all they could hear was Neil ranting about the 'free' thing in the bathroom.
"Agreed" Theresa said,
"May the gods be with you" Odie shouted at them,
"Want any help knocking them out?" Herry asked
"Nah, we'll be good" Jay said, the two walked for the door and left,
"We're gonna die aren't we?" Theresa asked Jay
"Yup" he told her.

Theresa opened the door to their room...No one. Jay walked in first, arms at the ready, they heard the shower going and a tooth brush going, Jay got a look on his face, he reached forward and locked the bathroom door from the outside. Theresa sighed,
"What a stroke of luck" she said
"I think Neil rubbed off on us" Jay said, they headed for their seperate beds and took turns changing in the closet. Once they were done, they got in bed, they were waiting for the screams...
"THE DOORS BLOODY LOCKED!!!" Came Archies yell, Jay laughed along with Theresa.
"Oh my gods! Help us!" Atlanta's voice came in, Theresa was stuffing her head in a pillow to avoid a mass of giggles that were building up. Jay was turning red from keeping his laughter in.
"JAY!!!! THERESA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Came Atlanta's and Archie's voices.
"We will let you out on one condition" Jay said, Archie sighed,
"What is it?" he asked angrily,
"You will not hurt us in anyway or prank us in the middle of the night. WE are even" Jay said
"But we aren't!!" Atlanta whined,
"Fine! JUst let us out of here!" Archie said banging on the door. Jay opened it for them. Archie ignored his presence and went for the bed, and promptly fell asleep, Atlanta did the same.
"Hormones" Jay said to Theresa. They both fell into a light sleep...

(Theresa's POV dream)
Lights were in my eyes, stage lights, a crowd was in front of me, but I couldn't see them, the light was too bright for me to see anything.
"Theresa" came a voice, I turned abruptly to find myself face to face with my father,
"Dad? What are you-" he stopped me
"Drop out Theresa" he said
"Why? Not this again dad" I said, he looked stern,
"Drop out or bad things will happen" he said
"What kind of bad things?" I asked
"Death...suffering...If you love your friends, you will drop out" my father said and dissapeared.
"I don't understand!!!!!" I screamed. Suddenly there was a voice I could hear, it was a familiar voice; singing:
"What do you see
when you look in my eyes?
when I look in yours
all I see is lies.
What have you done to us?
Why are you doing this?
We feel great pain
and you suffer not,
you've forggotten us
you made me die.
I guess this is good bye" sang the voice in a slow tune.
"Jay?" I asked, Jay's bloody figure stepped out, he had a long gash on his chest,
"This is all your fault Theresa, why didn't you do as you were told?" Jay asked me, I stuttered and backed away,
"I don't understand" I said
"Stop denying it Theresa! I died because of you! Now the professy is toast because of you! And so is the world!" Jay yelled, he then dissapeared. I fell to my knees, i was crying, and then...blackness.

(End of Dream)

"I don't understand!" I yelled siting up, there was a black hooded figure looming over me, I screamed and the figure raced silently out of the room, but it's smell smelled like Lavender and roses.

(No one's POV)

"Theresa?" Jay said getting up and rushing over to Theresa's side, "What happened?" he asked.
"It was...a man, he was in all black with a hood up, he wasn't...human" Theresa said, Jay looked frightened in a sort.
"What happened?" he asked,
"I had a dream...or a vision ...Either way, i have to drop out of this competition" Theresa said, getting up.
"I will talk to you about this tomorrow" Jay said, he went over to his own bed, "Theresa, you wont acheive anything if you give up" he said before falling back asleep.
"He doesn't get it" Theresa murmured before falling back into an uneasy sleep...

A/N Hey guys, sorry about not updating in FOREVER!! I was in greece!!! With some family!! Yay! I went to all the cool sites and junk, i love Greece. Anyways, sorry again. R/R please and thank-you.
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