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Every You, Every Me

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So, Andie is the token artsy and theatre geek. She plays guitar and sings her heart out. She's always had a crush on her older brother's (Spencer Smith), friend Brendon. Brendon is oblivious to And...

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Andie was sitting in the art room with her friend, Max, and they were working on their abstract art piece. Andie's hair was in little pig tails and she had "emo bangs" as she calls them, to the side of her head, and a white head band with various paint spots on it. She also had on a simple black t-shirt and a white tank top underneath it.
Max had her jet black hair tied back into a pony tail and had on a Green Day t-shirt. The two were both wearing navy blue, denim, jeans and matching black and white converse.
Suddenly, Brendon walked into the art room.
"Hey Brendon," said Max.
Andie looked up at Brendon and immediately felt her face fill with blood. The woman was blushing so much that she started to laugh as a cover-up.
"Hey Andie," said Brendon.
"Uhh Hi," replied Andie.
"What's so funny Andie??" asked Max.
"Nothing, just a laughing attack, I guess," replied Andie.
"Must be normal for you, ehh??" teased Brendon.
Andie blushed even more and she continued to talk to Brendon. Brendon suggested that they go to coffee afterschool with the guys.
"Yea, that would rock, but I gotta ask Spence first," said Andie.
"Ohh I see. Do you think he'd say yes??" asked Brendon.
"I hope so. But you know how he is," replied Andie.
Brendon nodded and then they walked down the hallway together. They were skipping and being all obnoxious, they were making a lot of noise, but that didn't really matter, seeing that it was afterschool. They were holding hands and being all cutesy, until they were brutually interrupted by Andie's older brother, Spencer.
"Get your hands OFF my sister!!" yelled Spencer.
"Whoa, dude, we weren't even doing anything," explained Brendon.
"Andie, let's go, NOW!!" yelled Spencer.
Andie walked a little ways behind Spencer and she looked like a little kid that was going to a time-out.
"Hey, where's Andie going??" asked Max.
"Spence, saw us and is thinking the wrong thing. Like we're together or something, crazy like that," explained Brendon.
"Ohh. Well, I'll text her later," said Max.
On the way home, Spencer was asking Andie all sorts of personal questions.
"Have you ever kissed him??" asked Spencer.
"No!! Spence!! GOSH!! Stop treating me like a child!! I'm only two-years younger than you!!" yelled Andie.
"And I have a right to protect you, from scoundrels like Brendon," said Spencer.
"He's YOUR friend!! How could you say that??" asked Andie.
"Yea, he is, but he's a guy and I KNOW what guys think!!" replied Spencer.
The two continued to argue until they reached their house. Andie walked inside first and immediately asked her mom what she thought about the whole 'Brendon Urie and Andie Smith friendship'. Mrs. Smith said that she thought Brendon was a nice boy and that if Andie wanted t hang-out with him or even date him that it would be allowed. Spencer decided to just end the arguement and he went up to his room to start on his homework. Andie and her mom started to gossip about what was going on in each other's lives. Andie gushed about her crush for Brendon and Mrs. Smith seemed to be really interested.
"He's soo cute!! Ohh and mommy he's got such pouty lips that I just wanna kiss!!" gushed Andie.
"Awe, I remember when I fell for boys with pouty lips. Ohh the good ol' days," laughed Mrs. Smith.
Andie and her mom continued to talk and then they started to make dinner. Andie made her specialty, Macaroni and Cheese. And Mrs. Urie made some chicken and potatoes and peas n carrots. They always had a blast cooking together.
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