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You and Me

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Brendon + Andie=

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The next day, Brendon met up with Ryan in the lunchroom. They were talking about how Spencer went-off on him. Ryan told him to talk to Spencer, rationally about him liking Andie. Brendon then saw Andie across the room. He smiled and started to walk towards her. She smiled brightly when she saw Brendon. They hugged and then went to get some breakfast.

"So did you get a lecture??," asked Brendon.

"No not really, I mean he asked questions, but you know Spencer; he's my over-protective, big brother," Andie assured him.

"Spence is my friend, but I also think I like you, so it's a toss-up," confessed Brendon.

Andie nodded incoherantly as she grabbed a bagel.

"Yea, me too," replied Andie.

Just then Brendon's eyes lit-up and he asked, "You like me, too??"

Andie's expression was a mix of being shocked, embarrased, and just plain confused.

"I-I umm, yea, but Spencer'd kill us if we dated," said Andie.

"No, no us, me," laughed Brendon.

Andie smiled, then the two walked-out of the bagel line and back to where Ryan was. Just then, Andie saw her brother walking towards them. He was acting as if nothing had happened.

"Hey Andie, Brendon, and Ryan," said Spencer.

"Hey Spence," replied the three in unison.

Andie then put her arm around Brendon's waist. This startled him and made him question Andie's true feelings for him. Just then, the bell rang, and they were off to their separate classes. Max caught up to Andie and the two ventured-off to technical theatre class together. They were excited for their first hour today, because they were learning how to fly on harnesses.

"I think I'll try defying gravity!!" sang Andie.

"You're a dork, Andz," said Max.

Andie laughed and continued to sing as if she were in her favorite musical, 'WiCKED'. The girls practiced their flying skills and helped others harness each other and get a chance to fly as well. The class was having a blast and Andie kept everyone entertained with her silly outbursts, while accompanied by the lovly, Max. She then went to the sound booth to start working on the lighting schemes.
The bell rang again and school went on and on. Andie saw Brendon at the end of the hallway, drinking out of the water fountain. He looked so cute in his red rimmed glasses and purple zip-up hoodie. He whipped his lips with his sleeve and turned 'round a corner. Andie caught up to him and poked his sides. Brendon jumped and then smiled when he realized who it was.

"What up Bden??" asked Andie.

"Not much Anderz," replied Brendon.

Andie cringed at the sound of Brendon's nickname for her. Anderz. It sounded so boyish, but she let it go and just admired his cuteness. Or shall we say dorky hottness?? Ahh yes, Andie's heart was pouring out to Brendon and she was starting to fall for him. Brendon on the other hand was experiencing the exact same feelings for her. He loved the way she looked into his eyes when they talked or how her bangs would fall to one side. He thought that she was so beautiful.
Brendon continued to listen to what Andie was talking about and walked to her car. He then gave her a hug and she kissed him on the cheek. Andie blushed at her bold move and then stared into Brendon's eyes. She couldn't contain herself, her love for him was too strong. She told herself to calm down and get into her car. As she started to pull away from Brendon she felt him embrace her once more and then she felt his soft lips press-up against hers. They were now sharing a sweet kiss that made each others' hearts melt.

"Wow," said Andie. "That was nice."

"Yea, well, I guess I'll see ya around??" asked Brendon.

Andie smiled and nodded. She then hugged Brendon once more and unlocked her car. She started up her car and drove away. What the heck just happened?? Andie kissed Brendon?? Ohh how passionate, but innocent it was. She knew that she MUST tell her bestfriend, Max, at once!! So, she got out her cellphone and quickly wrote her friend a text message saying :

OMG!! Brendon and I just kissed!! -Andie xoxo

Max quickly wrote back and was happy and shocked. She congradulated her and invited her for an emergancy coffee break. Andie couldn't refuse a good cup of coffee, so she headed to the local coffee cafe to meet up with Max and discuss a certain encounter with Mr. Brendon Urie.
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