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Chapter 05

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Who's this mystery guy Frank likes?

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Arm, cast, spelling. sorry.

"Oh hey Aaron" Frank said when he saw Aaron standing on his doorstep
"Hey Frankie" Aaron said as he pecked Franks cheek.
"You wanna go now?"
"Bye Gerard!" Frank shouted.

Gerard heard Frank yell at him from downstairs, he put the book he had started reading down and went to the front door.
"Hey Aaron" Gerard scowled "Bye Frankie."
"Okay, what's up?" Frank asked.
"Nothing Frankie, go have fun"
"Okay, bye Gee"
"Bye Gerard."

Gerard saw Frank walk out with his arm around Aarons shoulder and Aarons arm around Frank's waist.
Gerard slumped down on the sofa and sighed before letting out a raged sob.
He didn't do anything to try and prevent the tears from falling, he had been holding them in for too long.
Ever since he first met Frank back in 2001 he had knows, Frank was the one. But now, obviously, Frank was not thinking the same thing.

"So Frank.." Frank toned Aaron out from then on, he would occasionally nod or say yes or no every now and then when he thought it was appropriate but his focus was more on what was wrong with Gerard. It was paining Frank, knowing that his best friend wouldn't tell him what was wrong.
Frank had been there when he drank, when he did drugs, when he was suicidal, when his Grandma had passed away and all the other shit Gerard had gone through. He just couldn't understand what could be so bad this time, what could be so awful that Gerard couldn't tell the man that had pretty much been though everything with him what was bothering him. "... you know what I mean?"
"Hm? Oh, yes."
"You see kind of dazed, what is it?" Aaron asked as he ate his spaghetti.
"It's nothing, really" Frank smiled.
"If you say so" Aaron smiled in reply.

When dinner was finished Frank payed the bill and the two got up to leace.
"Do you want to come back to mine?" Aaron asked.
"Yeah, sure" Frank knew Aaron liked to move fast, but didn't want to say anything.
They got into Frank's car, Frank in the drivers seat and Aaron in the passengers.
Frank started the car and started the drive to Aarons house. Not soon after, Aaron placed his hand on Frank's leg, rubbing it and causing Frank to get nervouse. He didn't know what Aaron was actually planning on doing tonight.. And, well, Frank hand't ever had sex with a man before, and he wasn't sure if he was ready just yet.
His eyes grew wide as Aarons hand travelled higher up his thigh, causing Frank to swerve the car and nearly hit a passing pedestrian.
"Shit" He weezed.
Aaron snorted "sorry."
"Okay, from no on, no touchly feely in the car, what do ever" Frank laughed nervously.

They got to Aarons at around 11. Getting out of the car, Aaron grabbed Franks hand and started dragging him upstairs to his bedroom. When they got there Aaron pushed Frank down onto the bed and quickly climbed ontop of him and kissing him forcefully.
He started undressing Frank never breaking the kiss. He got to the last button oon Frank's shirt when Frank mumbled "okay, you know what? I can't do this" into the kiss.
"That's okay, we can wait. It's probably too soon anyway."
"No, you don't get it. I can't do us."
"What? Why?"
"Because. Because I just can't."
"Frank tell me why, I love you."
"No! No you do not! You're just saying that. Of course you don't love me, it's been a day." Frank shouted
Aaron slid off of Frank and sat crossed legged on the bed.
"Yes I do Frank. How do you know what I feel? I've loved you for about a year now." Aaron replied calmly.
"I'm sorry Aaron" Frank stood up and buttoned his shirt up. "But I don't love you."
"I understand, but can we stull be friends?"
"Or course" Frank smiled and went to leave.
"Bye Frankie" Aaron called and flopped down on his bed, sighing.
"Bye Aaron."

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