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In this chappy there are flashbacks and a bit about kitty!

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Hello people :) I am happy wooo have a good day!!!this chappy quite short nothing much happens just flashbacks and stuff!!

Emma's Pov
We sat there in silence for about 10seconds. I looked at all my friends stunned faces and then I looked at kitty who standing up and was looking embarrassed, amazed, angry and some other emotion I didn't recognise.
WHY DID YOU PUSH HIM, she yelled. Omg kitty never yells I don't think I have ever heard he yell before. Oh no there was this one time when we were really small (we have been best friend since nursery) and I stepped on a bug.

Now class its break time now we will finish the alphabet later.
I ran off to break smiling. I was wearing my favourite dress. It was yellow with lace tying it up at the back and it had 3 red tulips on the front. I ran out side into the small playground looking around for my 4 best friends. I spotted kitty within seconds with flaming red hair she was difficult not to spot. I walked over and saw remi, amsy and kitty all sitting on the floor looking at a bug.
Hey emz would you like to meet Roger the bug? Kitty said grinning at me
No thanks I hate bugs. I said making a sicky face.
Ok. And they started talking about roger he was a big black beetle very creepy and they were poking it, it made me feel sick. I turned around and looked for charlotte (she isn't called Charlie yet but charlotte is Charlie) I couldn't see her so I looked back at the bug on the floor. The next thing I hear is a big BOO from behind me, sending me stumbling forward and one of my feet landed right on top of poor roger.
NOOO ROGER, kitty yelled as tears welled up in her eyes.
EMMA LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ROGER!! YOU KILLED HIM, at this I also felt tears well up in my eyes but instead of staying in my eyes like kitty's they poured down my face and I started crying. I then ran inside and into the cosy corner. After about 30seconds I saw kitty walking over to me.
Emz I am sorry for yelling at you. She said quietly she always speaks quietly when she is sad.
Its ok and I am sorry I stepped on roger. I said between sniffs
Don't worry.
Best friends I said my face lighting up
Best friends forever, kitty said smiling and we hugged each other.
End of flashback

Now I think of it everyone of my best friends have yelled at me. In year 4 amsy yelled at me because I stole her toothbrush.

I was sitting in our classroom it was a Friday and out teacher Mrs Summery had told us that today was a lesson on brushing your teeth and that we had to bring in our tooth brushes. So today I had brought in my tooth brush which was blue and had a sticker of Cinderella. Then Amsy came into the class room with her tooth brush which was amazing it was shaped like a phone.
Emma look at my Toothbrush doesn't it rule. She said with a grin
YEAH, I yelled that is so cool.
For the rest of the lesson I moaned about how gay my toothbrush was.
I got so annoyed so I just went up to amsy and grabbed her toothbrush off her and handed her mine.
Hey emma give it back.
Emma give it
She then ran up to Mrs Summery and told. I then got shouted at and sent to the head of year.
When I got back I wasn't very happy.
TELL TALE, I yelled at amsy
YOU STOLE ME TOOTH BRUSH!!!! She yelled back
End of flashback

Another time I remember was on the ski trip in year 7. I was with Charlie, kitty and amsy ( remi couldn't come). For one of the evening activities the whole group had to go to a pizza restaurant. There was a competition to see who could eat the most pizza and I wanted to win. I sat at a table with my best friends. We were all quite hungry and some of us were in a mood coff Charlie coff and I think I was a bit moody to. Well anyways, Charlie was tired ( and a bit moody)so she didn't eat that much, amsy was quite hungry but ate really slowly and kitty never ate that much anyways. So I was eating a lot of pizza and very fast.
YEY another plate of pizza, I yelled because I had already eaten my first half a plate.
I dived down and grabbed a piece. Charlie slowly reached down and picked up a small piece. Amsy then picked up her second piece (I was on my 7th) and slowly took a bite. Kitty had finished after 3 pieces. I soon finished my 7th and went in for my 8th as I picked it up my hand brushed against another piece.
EMMA, I jumped as I heard my name and turned to Charlie who was red in the face.
That piece you just touched you have to eat it.
What why?
Because you've touched it.
But I didn't mean to.
No I don't want that piece
Omg Charlie chill
FINE, I yelled and I started eating my pizza again.
She sat in silence for the rest of the meal and it was two days after that when we finally made up.
End of flashback

And one of the times with remi I remember was in year 10 when I borrowed her earrings and urm.........misplaced them.

I haven't I will find them, I said as I pulled out all of my clothes from my draws
I WILL FIND THEM, I said quickly
Bugger I have so lost them I thought as I moved on from my draws to my wardrobe.
EMMA REMI'S MOTHER IS HERE, my mum yelled up the stairs
I will I will (I did they were in my urm well in my ears where earrings should be)
End of flashback

I jumped coming out of my trance as kitty yelled again.
Kitty ..we..urm, remi said looking frightened
Then I heard amsy's voice from under the table.
I didn't do anything I am just a poor table dwelling hobo.
INO, she said to amsy but then she turned on us (me, remi and Charlie)BUT YOU GUYS OMFG I CANT BELIVE YOU!!
She then looked at the table where Gerard was sitting. She then pushed past remi who was sitting next to her and she walked up to the table and I think I saw her grab something but I couldn't see anything, she then stormed out of the shop.
We sat in silence for about 5minuets until we heard amsy say.
I no, I said slowly
I can't believe we just yelled, pushed over and basically made Gerard way cry.
Neither, Charlie said with a blank look on her face.
We sat there for another 5 minuets waiting for kitty but we all knew she wasn't coming back and we knew that she may not be back for along time. It's like what happened with her parents she had been arguing with them for a long time. Then one time the argument just made her crack (not sure what it was about) and that night she packed her back pack and ran off. Her parents didn't no where she was neither did we. We looked for her for 2 days and finally her parents got a call from her grandmother telling them that she had a very upset teenager staying with her. Kitty stayed at her grandmothers for about a month (it was summer, so we were on holiday) and when she came back she looked different. Her hair was dyed black and she had her belly button pierced. She was wearing black and she had a lot of eyeliner on. She then told us she had made loads of friends and they had taken her to a concert and she then pulled 4 t-shirts with My Chemical Romance written on them out of her bag. We were all stunned until she explained that they were a band and they were FUCKING AWSOME (her words exactly) and she showed us a poster of them and remi fell in love with mikey and kitty told us how she had already fallen in love with the lead singer Gerard way. She had changed her appearance but her personality was exactly the same apart from the fact that she talked about mcr a LOT. And after many posters, interviews and you tube videos we new all of there names, ages, birthdays and hometowns (kitty probably knows more). We now all thought that mcr was FUCKING AWSOME. And after that it became one of our favorite bands others being lostprophets, fall out boy, bowling for soup, the used, linkin park, evanescence, good charlotte and the rocket summer. Now two years later kitty hasn't changed that much she still loves mcr and Gerard her hair is now black with random pink streaks and she now has her nose pierced. Her eyes are still as freaky as ever. And the great thing was that when she turned 17 her parents brought her a flat so she could live in it and for transport she got a black mini with a bright pink streak up the middle(like her hair . Her parents paid for the car and flat but kitty paid for the furniture and all the food and fuel she got. Kitty told us she got the flat because she still argued with her parents and they said that they were going to buy her one so why not now, so most of the time we stay there its great no parents kitty is soo lucky. Her flat rocks the walls are white mostly but her bedroom is black. Basically all of her furniture is black or white, her bathroom is tiled and is bright pink. We are meant to be staying at her flat tonight we all have keys but I don't know if we should.
I think maybe we should go, I heard amsy say quietly.
Good idea, I replied
Yeah, Charlie and remi said at the same time.
We all got up and walked outside. It was spring and quite warm. We walked to the park and sat on the swings.
I wonder where she is, I asked looking aroud
No idea, Charlie replied
Are we still staying at hers? Remi asked looking confused
Right on cue y phone beeped telling me that I had I text.
I grabbed my phone.
Its from kitty I said looking at the screen. I flipped it open a read it aloud while smiling.

Hiya bitches
You will never guess who I am with............?
And no amsy I am not with Santa clause
Have a good coffee?
Cya 2nyt in the flat
Luvs ya Kit Kat.

We all smiled and walked off to our favorite place in the world the Mall.
Hope u liked reviewxxxxx
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