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urm they go to hospital

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Halloo people! how are you people?? Hope you like chapter idea just read it!! I am seeing the lostprophets live today so if it is a bit random its because I am hyper!!

Gee's Pov
I am so sorry, I heard her say quietly.
I looked her in the eyes and soon I was completely lost in them. I slowly shook my head trying to clear it.
I no you really shouldn't forgive me. She said and she hung her head.
What? I am quite confused......oh wait a minuet I shook my head....bugger. its urm fine. I said getting lost in her damn eyes again.
No it isn't your poor arm, she said and then she reached out and gently stroked my arm sending shivers through my whole body.
Sorry did I hurt you? She looked upset?
No no I am fine, she raised her eyebrows
I'm Ok I promise. She started laughing what's so funny? Then it clicked I'm ok I promise.....basically the same as our song I'm not ok (I promise). I started laughing to.
So that's like code and you are actually trying to say that you are not ok. She said still laughing.
I don't understand what you just said, I said also laughing.
Don't worry neither did I, this made us laugh harder. Its creepy I've known her for about 5 minuets and in that time she had yelled at me, pushed me over, burnt me, revealed me to a bunch of crazy girl fans in starbucks and I still feel like I have known her for like ever. Then I heard some random fat lady say "excuse me" kitty stepped in nearer to me but no to close. Then the fat lady pushed past and she fell into my arms which was painful not because kitty was heavy no she was light it was because she landed on my burnt arm. I gasped and she quickly got up.
I am soo sorry again.she said quickly grabbing my non burnt arm.
Don't worry I am fine, I said as I felt tears fill my eye but thankfully they stayed in my eyes.
We need to check that you arm is not falling off or something or if you need to I can consult it to see if you need go to hospital. She said grinning.
Ok but where I am not exposing my lovely arm in the street. I said also grinning.
Fine then we shall go else where. She said giving me the evils.
She grabbed my non burnt arm and dragged me off down the street/ally thing.
Urm where the fuck are we going? I asked very confused.
Wait and see pudding? I snorted
What the Fuck? I asked still laughing
It's what my grandma says. She said smiling.
You grandma must be strange. I said
YEP she's mad but normal people say it here have you never heard that before?
NO!! I said and I started laughing.
Did you no you have a really abnormally girly laugh. She told me.
I blushed
OY I am hurt I said and pretended to cry to hide my blush.
Awww sorry.
After about 2mins we arrived at a building and I looked around. She dragged me up to a door and I then realized it was a toilet the lady's toilet. She started dragging me forward but I stopped.
NO Way I am not going in there.
What why not?
Have you actually ever noticed that I am not a woman; I said gesturing to the sign of a woman.
Sure your not
Oy I am no woman!
Ok if you're sure.
I am
Come on then, she tried to drag me forwards again.
Oh come on I am sure you have always wanted to go into the lady's bathroom. She said grinning at me.
NO I am not pervert that is Frankie. She giggled.
But I am sure that the lady's wont mind with you being famous! She winked
HA HA very funny not. I am not going in there.
Well I am not going in the men's.
Well I am not going in the lady's
Well it's not my arm that is burnt
Well it's not my fault my arm is burnt.
True well it looks like the disabled toilet then.
She grabbed my arm again and dragged me off to the disabled toilet. There was no queue so she opened the door pushed me in and then walked in herself. She then tried to pull up my sleeve but it was really painful
FUCK, I yelled
Omg I am soo sorry again. I smiled slightly but I was in to much pain to laugh.
Ok then pulling up the sleeve is NOT going to work!! Hum... she looked deep in thought. I have and idea but it would be like totally embarrassing so I am not going to say Ow Fuck.
My arm is now stinging because the sleeve is now stuck on it. Ok you no what I have changed my mind it isn't that embarrassing.
Urm I could you no take my top off, I said quietly
That is a good Idea; she said and then she started turning on the taps I am not sure why but she did.
I slowly took off my hoddie trying not to hurt myself and I then took off my long-sleeved shirt. I sat on the toilet and looked at my arm.
FUCKING HELL. I yelled as I stared at my arm.
What? She said turning round OH MY FUCKING GOD she ran over to me.
I am SOO SOO SOO SOO SORRY GERARD REALLY SORRY.She stared at me arm looking as sick as I felt. It was pretty mankey it was bright red with blue and purple marks and had like yellow spots or something it looked mouldy. How the fuck could a bloody coffee do that.
Well that coffee must have been Very HOT.
Uh huh very. I said still felling slightly sick.
Well urm at least its not falling off.
Well I have consulted and I think Hospital it is.
Good idea, I said looking away
And quickly it looks like its spreading.
A burn can't spread.
What ever its just mankey and I don't wana look at it anymore.
Your welcome, she grinned and then her gaze fell to my arm and she grimaced.
She unlocked the door grabbed my hoddie and shirt grabbed my arm and pulled me out.
I was wearing a shirt the short queue looked at us not seeing my arm and I think I no what they were thinking. She quickly pulled my arm and we ran passed some teenagers wearing Mcr hoddies.
Omg isn't that Gerard way, one of them said
Omg it is, another one said
IT IS SOO NOT, I yelled at them and I heard kitty laughing I grinned and kept on running.
Kitty I panted I cant run around London top less.
Well you are so stop complaining
But what if I am spotted.
Well you have a good excuse just show them you mouldy arm. I heard her laughing
YES very funny
We kept running through a park I did get lots of people pointing at me but I did have my glasses on so maybe it was just my arm.
RUN GERARD RUN!!kitty yelled, We are nearly there
Thank god I am about to die I have smokers lungs you no and I am a shit runner.
You're not that bad really.
Thanks, I said sarcastically
She grinned
Then we came to a big building which I presume was the hospital.
We ran in and went to the desk. I got some very funny looks.
Hello and what can I do for you today, and old lady at the desk said.
Urm my friend is badly burnt
Let's see she grabbed my arm I winced and she shoved it on to the desk.
The lady gasped
How did you do that? she asked looking stunned.
Urm starbucks coffee.
OO yes those are horribly hot we have had quite a few cases but nothing as urm....... amazing as yours.
What is your name then?
Gerard Way, I said quietly.
Well Gerard Will you just sit down and a nurse will be right with you.
We sat down in hard plastic chairs and looked around there were a group of girls staring at me they some of the girls were wearing black and they seemed to be looking right at me the other girls looked like they were trying to figure out who there friends were staring at I saw one of them point to me so I quickly looked down after about 1 minuet saw 3 pairs of shoes approach me so I looked up to see three of the girls standing right in front of me. I looked over at kitty and saw her smiling at me.
Hi, they said a little breathlessly
Hey, I replied politely
Can we urm have your autograph please, a girl with brown hair asked shyly.
Yeah sure, they gave me some pictures of Mcr; I searched my pockets for a pen. Damn I don't have one. Then I felt kitty poke me and she held up a pen.
Aww thanks kit. I said grinning she looked surprised but grinned back.
Is she your girlfriend, a blonde girl asked?
NO, we both said at the same time we then looked at each other and I blushed.
Sure your not, the brown haired girl said with raised eyebrows. Well thanks!
They then walked off. I looked at kitty she was looking down and I could see her checks were red.
Gerard Way the nurse is ready to see you now, the receptionist said.
I got up and started walking across the room I looked around for kitty but realised she was still sitting in her chair. I walked back over to her.
Come on,
No I don't think I should.
I do
Gerard Way hurry up. The receptionist said.
I grabbed kitty's hand and pulled her up and then dragged her off to the nurse's office
We walked in and sat down. The nurse wasn't in there so we sat there for about 5 mins I looked over at kitty; she was looking down. I looked to see what she was looking at and realized that I hadn't let go of her hand and she was looking at our hands. She then looked up and our eyes met. I blushed but I didn't look away. We sat there looking at each other for ages. Then the nurse came in.
Hello sorry I am late.
I jumped and quickly let go of kitty's hand.
I listened to the nurse babbling and showed her my arm and then she gave me some medicine. All through this I could feel her looking at me but I resisted the temptation to look back.
When we got outside again I had my hoddie and glasses on and a bandaged arm. We walked in silence for a while not knowing where we were going.
Urm Kit where are we going?
She grinned and pointed ahead of us where I saw the London eye. She went into a building a 10mins later she came out with 2 tickets. She smiled and grabbed my hand and pulled me into a queue. We stood there for a while holding hands I was looking up at the huge circle with little pods on it, it was wicked. Kitty then let go of my hand and started texting someone. I continued to study the London eye and soon we were being pushed into a pod. There were only about 3 other people in the pod and they just talked between them. It was so beautiful as we got higher and higher. When we were at the top I felt someone grab my hand. I looked down and saw a slightly green kitty who was breathing heavily.
Kit are you ok? I asked slowly
Urm kind of I just urm hate heights.
I laughed
So why did you take me up the London eye cause it is kind of HIGH.
She laughed a bit but moved closer to me, closed her eyes and pushed her head into my arm. I stroked her hair and her breathing slowed down to almost normal. When she was looking better she pulled her head up and opened her eyes. She looked at me and grinned.
Ok I feel better now.
GOOD I thought you were going to puke on me.
Then we heard a voice talking about some random photo and to move somewhere, the other people didn't move and neither did we. I had taken off my glasses and I was hot so I decided because no one could see me and the people on the other side of the pod looked like they didn't care about famous people, that I would take off my hood. I took it off and walked over to kitty I stood behind her and pointed to a cool building then there was a flash. We both jumped and then started laughing. The doors then started opening so put my glasses and hood and my glasses back on. We walked through and I looked at the pictures I froze the one of me and kitty was amazing we looked really mysterious it was so cool. Other people were looking at it and I am sure it wasn't because of the fact that it was me because it didn't look much like me I looked really happy which I usually don't. Kitty had gone outside so I quickly bought 2 copies. I walked outside I spotted her on the grass. I walked over to her and sat down next to her.
What took you so long, I held out the bag and she reached in a pulled out one of the photos.
OMG WOW we look fucking awesome, she yelled I grinned.
We soo do that picture is for you.
Really aww thanks, she hugged the picture and then jumped on me and started to suffocate me, quite funny.
Are you hungry? She asked
OO yeah man I am.
Ok let's go find some food.
So we got up and went off to find some food.

About an hour later we were sitting in a crowded pizza express finishing off our pizzas.
We then walked into Oxford Street where kitty made me go into half the shops. Not funny. By the time we had been around half of London it was time for dinner.
Where do you want to eat? She asked looking happy ( I had brought her like half of the black clothes in new look) I was happy to this had been one of the strangest, painfulest, funest, greatest days of my life.
Urm I dono anything but Pizza.
Urm ok then do you like Chinese.
Yep I think so I haven't really had it before.
Kool it will be a new experience then.
She then grabbed my hand and we got the bus to a Chinese restaurant.
I had urm noodles and stuff it was really nice!!!
Gee, I looked around to kitty when I heard my name
I think you better take one of your antibiotics now.
Urm ok I pulled out the bottle and grabbed a pill. This felt so wrong like I was taking drugs again. I swallowed one and then kitty took them from me and read the back.
It says they might make you a bit sleepy.
Hum ok, I said lost in thoughts.
She then started telling me about herself.
Kitty was 17, had her own flat and her own car she liked mcr and she was at a girls school called St Mary's she doesn't have a boyfriend ,when she said that I started smiling. She lived with her grandma for a while because she ran away from home and when she was with her grandma it was her friends there that had dyed her hair and got her into Mcr she had been to 5 Mcr concerts and loved them all. I listened closely and was amazed.
Mcr does rule though, I said once she finished.
Hehe yep it really does! She said and she smiled at me with dreamy eyes.
We where walking back to the starbucks because I said I could find my way back from there.
She stopped.
Where are we, she pointed to the left of u and through the darkness I could just make out startbucks.
Urm ok where urm where the fuck should I go, I whispered to myself.
You're lost aren't you? kitty said
Yep! She rolled her eyes, Only because it's dark though.
Well looks like I am stuck with you. She said pretending to look sad but I could see her smiling slightly.
She grabbed my hand for like the hundredth time that day and pulled me along to a building. She pressed a button and talked into it and then we heard a buzzing sound and walked in. We walked up a lot of stairs until we were at the top of the building and she then knocked on the door.
It was opened by Emma I think it is in her pyjamas and yawning.
Hey kit and...., she froze when she saw me and I smiled slightly
Hi, she said quietly
Hey, I said back
And Then I suddenly felt really tired and yawned and sat on the floor and fell asleep.
Before I completely blacked out I heard some one say Ok kitty why the fuck is he on the floor.
Well hope u liked my long chapter which I deleted which is GAY so I had to write it AGAIN annoyed so that why it took a very long time
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