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The Boy Who Cried "CRONUS!!"

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Archie plans on getting back to the others by making the best April Fools ever! So he scares everyone by telling them Cronus is attacking when he really isn't. But when Cronus actually shows up, wi...

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HEY GUYS! I'm BACK! Yup, it's true! My internet is back and I'm back on ficwad! Well, I was planning to post this story at April Fools, but I didn't have the internet! So I'm posting it now! Hope you guys enjoy it!:)

The Boy Who Cried "CRONUS!!"
Chapter 1

-« Beep..Beep...Beep.. » Archie punched his alarm clock in order for it to shut up, but it still continued beeping.

-" Beep...Beep...Beep..." Archie grumbled something and put his pillow on his head so he wouldn't hear the sound of the Saturday morning alarm.

-" Beep...Beep...Beep..." Archie sighed and got out of bed.

-" You would really do anything to make someone wake up would you?" he talked to his alarm clock. He stretched his arms and yawned. It was 8:30am and this was the usual time the gang would wake up on weekends. Well, everyone except Neil. He would take ages to wake up.

Archie reached for his blue hoodie and baggie shorts. After brushing his teeth, he checked his calendar: April 1st.

-" April Fools huh? Finally!!" he said happily and made a smirk appear on his face, "I'm going to do the best April fools the guys will ever know! I'm going to get them back for all the times they pranked and humiliated me! But what can I do?" he sat down for a minute and thought. The others would not fall for any of his tricks, and neither would they believe him for anything. But suddenly, an idea popped in his head. He knew just what to do...

-" Hey guys!" exclaimed Archie as he walked in the kitchen. Despite all the others who were cranky, he was the only one that actually had a smile on his face.

-" Well someone's in a good mood today?" smiled Atlanta as she poured some coffee in her cup.

-" Yeah.. well some people have their bad days, some people have their good ones. Anyways I'm going to go for a run. You coming Atlanta?" he asked as he put on his running shoes.

-" Be there in a sec!" she called as she ran into her room. She grabbed something and quickly hid it in her pocket before running outside with her purple haired friend.

-" Archie?" asked Atlanta as they were running through the park.

-" Yeah lan?" he answered back.

-" Something happened to me today..." she said with a sad tone.

-" What? What happened?" he asked, his voice full of concern.

-" hamster died.." she said and tears started rolling down her face.

-" You had a hamster?" Archie asked. She nodded.

-" Oh man, I'm sorry lan, if there's anything I can do-" but he was cut off when Atlanta gave him a sudden hug. He hugged back so he could comfort her.

-" Thanks Arch, I feel much better now" she said and smiled. Archie returned her smile and they continued walking. Along the way, people would stare at Archie and they would suddenly start laughing. This was getting on his nerves.

-" What's the problem with everyone today? Do I look like some kind of clown to them?!" he said as he raised his eyebrow. But he realized Atlanta was trying to contain her laughter as well.

-" Atlanta?" he asked playfully.

-" Y-ya?" she smiled.

-" What did you do?" he asked. Atlanta couldn't contain her laughter anymore. She burst out laughing and pointed at Archie's back. Archie turned around and saw a fish taped to his back with "Kick Me" written on it.

-" April fools!" she smiled, "My hamster never died! I don't even have one!"

-" Ha, ha. Very funny lan. I'm going home." He turned around and started walking home.

-" Oh common Arch! It was just a joke!" said Atlanta as she wiped a tear. But in a few minutes, Archie was nowhere in sight.

-" Big Baby" she thought and started walking home until she heard someone yell. And it was a familiar voice, too familiar.

-" Archie?" she yelled.

-" ATLANTA! HELP! IT'S CRONUS!" she heard him yell back.

-" DON'T WORRY! I'M COMING!" she yelled and started running towards the source of Archie's voice. As soon as she got there, she saw Archie's limp form on the ground.

-" No.." she thought and ran next to him.

-" Archie! ARCHIE! Please! Speak to me! Say something! ANYTHING!" she yelled as she shook his body.

-" At...Atlan..ta..." he managed to say.

-" Yes Archie! I'm right here! What is it?!" tears started running down her cheeks.

-" At-lanta....A....April...fools!" he smiled at the last part and burst out laughing. Atlanta, however, did not find this funny at all.

-" Do you know how much you scared me?? I thought you were hurt Archie! That was not funny!" she shot an angry glare at him and started walking home.

-" Oh common Atlanta! It was just a joke!" he said in the same tone Atlanta had said. But she didn't turn around, she just walked home without even bothering to look at his face...

OOoooOOo Will Archie's April Fools plan work? Find out as soon as I update!:)
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