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Chapter 1

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Nice beginnings and secret stuff.

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Chapter 1

Marie Sanchez woke up to a beautiful morning, birds chirping faintly in the background noise, the sun peeking out from the blinds on her face. The moment seemed peaceful and perfect. A sound of the bed creaking startled her, she looked to the left. Pete lay there sleeping contently. She wanted nothing more but to caress his head and lay in his arms, but fearful he might wake up she just rested her head on his chest.

"That's a nice way to wake a person up."

"Pete! I thought you were sleep."

"And I was until a few minutes ago."

"You were thinking weren't you, what about?"

"This..." he leaned over and kissed Marie on the lips. Seeing the look of love in her eyes as he pulled away, he kissed her again but with more feeling.

Marie looked to the alarm clock behind Peter's head, 8:00 am.

"Oh my gosh, I'm going to be late for work!" She quickly got up from bed and headed towards the shower.
"Can you put my work clothes in the bathroom and put on a shirt you're taking me there!"

Ten minutes later Marie and Pete were out the door and into the car.

"You know Marie, earlier I was also thinking about Brandon."

"You know how overprotective of me he is, it's only because I'm like a sister to him."

"He doesn't want you dating me. Because of the way I treat girls, as he says, but it's different with you. I...I love you." They pulled up to "The Juicer" parking lot

"I'll get out here so Brandon won't think anything," she took off her seatbelt and started for the door but stopped.

"I love you too." Pete pulled off in search of a parking space while Marie went in to work.

Out in the back, where the aprons were, Brandon was getting money for the cash register.

"Hey you, where you been? I tried calling you to see if you wanted to do something." She didn't want him to know about her and Peter, not yet or the fact she spent last night with him.

"Oh I went to the bookstore, I was searching for something."

People started pouring in, including Pete. He came up to the counter.

"Brandon, hey..." He was at a loss of words. He usually couldn't find anything to say if he felt guilty, this was one of those times.

"Could I get some water and if yall want to do something after work call me."
"What's up with him? He usually has everything to say," asked Brandon.

"I don't know maybe he has girl problems."

Pete walked outside and leaned against the building in frustration. 'I couldn't be more obvious back there. Now that I've shown something's bothering me he'll want to know what it is. And if I'm right he'll be walking out that door any second.' As if told Brandon was right on cue.

"Pete, what up with you, bad day?

"No I'm dating this girl and her friend doesn't want her dating me, like I'm some kind of bad guy. I only play in a band."

"I don't even know what to say man, 'cause I'm in a band too. Well maybe you should get her to convince her friend to let the both of you go out on a 'first date'. He's probably just jealous because he likes her too but doesn't want to tell her."

"Thanks man I'll tell her."
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