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Chapter 2

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Blown tires and blown secrets.

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Chapter 2

Not long after that Brandon and Marie's shift was over. So since they were all together, they only took one car to the movies, Pete's. The sun was up as high as it could be in the air. Brandon sat in the passenger seat while Marie sat behind Pete in the back. It was a little quiet during the ride so Brandon turned on the radio.

"All right man, Dance, Dance is playing! Fall Out Boy rocks out loud!" exclaimed Pete.

"Dude, Panic! At The Disco can play better than that!" complained Brandon.

"I like Camisado. That song is awesome," said Marie.

"Shh, here comes my favorite part," Peter started singing.
"Why don't you show me a little bit of spine? You've been saving for his mattress, love."

Marie loved it when they sang they both have awesome voices, they sound exactly like those bands! Shoot Pete plays bass in his band and Brandon's the lead singer in his. The back tire blew out.

"Hey guys, did anybody hear that?"

"Hear what?" they both replied

"The tire blew out. Isn't that your last spare?"

"Dang, it is someone has to go and look for a gas station I think we pass one half a mile back. I vote Brandon." Said Pete

"Why me?!?"

"Because someone has to protect Marie from strangers and you're not strong enough"

"What am I, helpless?!" stated Marie

"I'll go, I'll go. Just don't call me weak any more."

"I can't promise you that."

The radio continued playing as Brandon left, It ends tonight was on. Hearing that song only reminded them of what they're hiding. That song was playing when they first got together.

"I want to tell Brandon," stated Marie.

Pete climbed into the back seat with her and kissed her on her forehead.

"You know I want to tell him too I just can't find out how." He held Marie in his arms and they just laid there, unsuspecting that Brandon was watching through the window.
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