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Chapter 3

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Hard times and flashbacks.

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Intertuption: About halfway into the chapter I really don't like what I put there but I guess that's not really my decision anymore now is it?

Chapter 3

"Pete! How could you date her after I told you not to?"

"Correction, you only told me you liked her. Well guess what I did to and I told her. She loves me. It's your fault you didn't do anything."

Marie knew this day would come but not this soon. Fearful of their friendship ending she got her purse and left the car. She couldn't go home that's the first place they'd look. Then she remembered the clubhouse they made when they were 10 years younger. It may be old but it should be steady for about a week. The car was in great distance now; she would be home before they make it back to town.
"Marie! Marie! Look what you did, Brandon. If you hadn't started yelling she wouldn't have left." Angry at his friend's actions he pushed him to the ground.

"You see what's happening? Our fighting caused all this. We want her back right?" Brandon nodded his head. "Then we gotta work together."

"Your right Pete lets go." He held out his hand, it was gladly taken.

It was dead silent and no one wanted to speak at all. Brandon was thinking about how many times he came close to telling her and how long Pete had been with her. Pete was focused on this morning and how his world would crash down without her. They pulled up to Marie's driveway and opened the screen door, a note fell out.

Dear Pete & Brandon,

I left you two there at the car because I don't want you to lose a friendship
over me. Don't bother to look for me I kinda just want to be alone right now. I love you both

Pete got out his cell and called her. After about four rings he almost hung up but a hello intervened.

"Marie, you know you mean the world to me. Don't leave I would be lost."

"I'm sorry but not now." She hung up after that. Brandon looked up at me with hopeful eyes.


"Nothing really, she's coming back though."

"I remember when we were younger and hung out in that godforsaken clubhouse after school."

"Yeah and how you made her mad"

It was ten years ago, Marie was playing with her doll. Brandon came up behind her grabbing the doll away

"Look I'm Marie! I carry around a stupid doll everywhere. I'm such a wimp!" he teased

"Give it back! I'm not a wimp!" she started to cry.

Pete tip toed to them and pushed him down. He looked to see if Marie felt any better but she was no where in sight. He already knew where she was though.
(End Flashback)

"Where are you going?" asked Brandon

"Clubhouse." He stated simply

Marie sat there watching the sun as it started to set. She thought back to the day she realized her love for Pete.

(Another Flashback)
"Give it back! I'm not a wimp!" Marie wanted nothing more than to push Brandon but all she did was sit there, crying.

She looked over to Pete who was creeping up behind Brandon, he pushed him over. While they were both distracted, she got up heading towards her backyard.

After about 5 minutes she reached the top of the clubhouse. "Stupid Brandon, why did he have to choose me out of all those other girls?" She wiped a tear from her cheek.

"And Pete, he was so nice. He was my prince charming like out of that on book."

"You really think I'm your prince charming?" Pete came in holding her doll which she left.

"Pete! Why'd you push Brandon?"

"Cause you're my sleeping Beauty."
(Another Ending Flashback)

Pete climbed up the ladder "Hey my sleeping beauty."

"I knew you'd find me here."

"Well you are one pretty predictable person. How could you just leave like that?"

"I don't know, with you two fighting like that, I couldn't take. My two best friends fighting...over me."

A clap of thunder struck the sky signaling the rain to fall.

"Come on Marie, let's get Brandon and go to my house."

Pete's heart felt so much lighter after finding Marie. When he's with her his day just keeps getting brighter. He wanted to show her how much he really loved her, but how. The couple found Brandon shivering on the porch, then headed towards his house.
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