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Chapter 4

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Alone in the dark

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Chapter 4

Inside it was surprisingly dark, which is weird because he usually left a light on or something.

"Pete, could you turn on a light because I just tripped over your shoes."

"I already tried; the storm must have knocked out the power. Someone's gonna have to go get candles."

For 5 minutes nobody moved. Pete was hoping Brandon would do it because he needed some alone time with Marie. Brandon was just to lazy, he was sleepy. Marie just wanted to do anything Pete did.

"If anyone needs me I'll have taken over Pete's bed, I'm tired."

Brandon left leaving the living room secluded. They knew he was a hard sleeper.

"I'm gonna go look for some candles." Said Pete.

Pete went to the closet in the hallway luckily there was two candles left in the box. Along with that there were some batteries, he finally thought of how he could show her his undying love. Quietly he shut the door and made it to his bedroom.

It was no use in being quiet because Brandon was snoring too loud but he did anyhow so Marie couldn't hear him. He grabbed the cd of the song he made for her. If this were any other day no one would hear this but this day was special.

"Marie I'd like for you to hear this song I've been working on for awhile now."

"Sounds great"

Pete turned on the stereo and music softly filled the room. The candle's shadow danced on the walls. He made his way to the couch where Marie was eagerly waiting for his return.

"Marie, you're the only place that feels like home."

"Man yall two need to get a room!"

"You stole mine" Pete said not leaving Marie's lips.
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