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Chapter 5

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internet porn and panic beginings

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Chapter 5

"Hey Marie!"

"What up Brandon! You get any sleep at Pete's" I asked already knowing the answer. Me and Pete got started; he's a machine you can't turn him off.

"No. You two plan on going on the internet soon?"

I ignored that remark, there's no way this body was being stared at lustfully by extremely lonely guys. I've been spending too much time with just Pete. I'm neglecting my other friends. Brandon could use some me time and by me I mean Marie.

"Brandon guess what. Second thought don't, I'm gonna tell you. We are going to a concert. Panic! At The Disco concert!"

"Awesome, pick me up at 7. I got to go find out what I'm going to wear." He said as he walked out the door.



"Our shifts not over."


That boy is 10 minutes late. He's gonna make me miss Ryan and all his beautifulness...ness.

"Brandon! What the hell are you doing?" complete silence was all I got. I am going up to the bathroom and dragging him straight to the car.

'Marie, can you come help me out for a second?"


"Come here."

I gave in; it's the only way I'll ever get to see Ryan. I opened the door and there sitting on the counter was the craziest sight ever. Brandon had a mess of purple eye shadow and some black jagged lines on his eyelids.

"You need help. You obviously don't have Ryan Ross artistic skills"

"Shut up" I laughed as he sat on the counter pouting at me, waiting for me to work some magic on this embarrassment to society that I called my friend. When I was done he looked like he could be apart of Panic's show.

The venue was almost empty as if we got there too early. The only people there were some security guards and a few die hard fans that looked like they had been there for hours. I soon became bored and my brain cooked up an awesome idea.

"Brandon, come with me." I said grabbing his wrist.

"Where are we going?"

"Who really cares?" My eyes searched around the room for a direction to go in. "We're going this way."

I pulled him to this cut off section filled with random doors. Distant conversations were being carried behind each one. A burst of laughter caught my attention.

"Brendon you need help."

"Shut up Spence! Ryan get your ass over here!"

I don't believe it. I had just Panic's dressing room.

"Brandon, you know where we are right?"

"To be honest with you no."

"You are so stupid sometimes. We are in front of Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and Jon's dressing room!"

I out my ear to the door to hear more of what was going on but everything had ceased. What happened?

"The doors not sound proof you know."

Huh why would Brandon say that? Wait, that's not Brandon's voice at all, its Ryan's.

"Uh..." I was gonna say something but forgot exactly what.

"The word I think you're looking for is and correct me if I'm wrong, hi."

"We don't have to go until 20 minutes from now so... are you busy."

Was this Ryan asking me to do something? Yes, I think it is.

After 20 minutes as Ryan said, Brandon and I learned tons of things we never wanted to. Brendon has a rude burping habit. Ryan actually talks more than Brendon. Jon is crazily slow (in a funny way). Spencer is the sanest person of the group.
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