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Chapter 6

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A little more Ryan Ross a little less Pete Kingston

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Chapter 6

Once we had found our seats and well sat in them, the show started. It begun with Introduction and faded into There's a reason why these tables are numbered honey; you just haven't found it yet. Brandon was messing around halfway through the song and broke out into dance just as Brendon was. I could swear I felt a pair of eyes on me the whole concert. I already knew whose they were though and I couldn't stare back, no matter how intoxicating Ryan's eyes were.

The 'picturesque score of passing fantasy' ended and I forgot about my last surprise for Brandon, backstage passes. Not like I wanted to go back there anyway.

"Marie that was an awesome concert, anymore surprises?"

"Actually yeah uh I got-"

"Backstage passes! You know, you're starting to get pretty predictable."

"Shut up." Dragging Brandon to wherever we needed to go.

Backstage wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. The boys were surrounded by a group of fourteen year old girls, looking extremely bored.

"Ryan will you marry me?"

"Brendon is it true you lost your virginity?"

"Spencer how was it meeting Pete Wentz, can you get his number for me?"

"Jon, I love you!!" one said mauling him into a hug.

"Ryan, what does it feel like when you play your guitar?" Surprised he actually got a real question he looked up.

"I thought you didn't wanna see me again" he said as he stood up pushing some fan girl off his lap on the ground.

"Well not in a certain way. I got a boyfriend, his name is Pete." Everyone paid attention when I said that. Especially those girls who started to crowd around me. The guys had stunned faces. Brendon was the first to speak.

"L-Like our label manager?"

"No not like Wentz, Marie doesn't date camera whores."

"I guess she doesn't like me then." Brendon cutely pouted.

"Don't worry everyone likes the lead singer." Jon joked.

"Hey Marie, can you follow me for a second?" Ryan asked.

I know this has been my dream since forever, to be alone with Ryan Ross; but not while I had a boyfriend.

"Eh, why not?" I said shrugging my shoulders.

He led down, well up really, towards a hill with moonlight pouring all over it.

"My God this place is beautiful, how did you find it?"

"Brendon was being hyper and I was tired so I left him there to destroy everything while I found this place."

The stars were shining brightly and when I looked into Ryan's eyes every one of them was reflected back. His hand squeezed mine and I felt this sudden urge to come over me. I don't think our hands let go as we lay down to get a better view.



"Did you feel a tug at your heart just now?"

He nodded as he leaned over to kiss me fully in the lips. As he deepened the kiss I let my hands go up to caress his cheek and roam through his brown hair. He wanted it, I wanted it, but now I wanted Pete. And to make matters worse a camera flashed somewhere in the background.


"Yes Marie."

"Can you take me back to the stage?"

He was hurt for a few seconds but then realized what he was trespassing on.

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