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Chapter 7

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Ambushes and tents

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Chapter 7

A few weeks later that everything went back to normal, well as much as normal could when 4 insane guys now know your cell phone number. I still called them from time to time. But today's a Pete day so enough about Panic!.

I woke up and was about to get out of bed when two arms around my waist stopped me. "Pete, let me go!" I whined

"No, you're staying in my arms forever!"

"Forever is about to be cut short because I gotta go to work." I watched him as he turned back on his side still holding me, struggling for a way to keep me here.

"Oh yeah...forgot about that...isn't today Sunday?"

"Monday, now go to sleep-"I didn't get to finish saying 'you idiot' because he pulled me back into bed straddling me.

"How's this for sleep?" My idiot grinned. At first my plan was to simply get up but that backfired when I felt him getting aroused. New plan; make him suffer. I pushed him off and headed quickly towards the shower. After I got my clothes on I went back to the room and saw Pete calmly reading a book.
"You haven't done anything for it have you?"

"Nope and I'm suffering" He whimpered.

Ready to leave cause I won I headed downstairs. A lot of noise was at the door, what was that all about? I opened the door and all these people bombarded me with questions. Scared and surprised I closed it and ran back up from where I came. "You still got that tent?"

"Not anymore I went to the bathroom" He teased.

"Shut up, It's still there I can see it now kiss me." He didn't waste any time attacking me and he was already unclothed, he was only wearing boxers.

1 hour and 30 minutes later Pete collapsed beside me, sweating and out of breath. "You know I've been meaning to ask you something Marie."

He went towards his bedside drawer only to be disappointed.

"I think I left it in my car."

"You could ask me later!" I said in alarm.

"No this has to be done now." He put on my jeans, his hoddie and walked out. "Who are you's" drifted up to the top of the stairs where it met my ears.

"I'm her boyfriend; now let me to my car!"

"Did you know your girlfriend cheated on you with Ryan Ross?"

He didn't answer that question instead just walked upstairs. "I know you wouldn't cheat on me so I'm gonna continue on with my question, will you walk out the door? By the way that's not it."

I walked out the door to find Pete on one knee holding an extremely huge engagement ring.

"Will you-"

"Yes!" I screamed and hugged him.

"You didn't let me finish." He pouted (did mention how cute he was when he did that?)

"I'm sorry," I said standing up and straightening my clothes "continue."

"Marry me?"

"No." he faked being shocked.

"Fine, yes then." And with that I screamed and hugged him again, toppling him over with passionate kisses.
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