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something's not right

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the wedding is getting closer...but so is something else

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it's now the beginning of october. the wedding is in about 3 weeks. i'm about 4 monts pregnant now. ryan and i are gonna find out the sex of the baby next week. i was getting so excited for the wedding! we had decided to have the wedding at the cranford rose garden (this place is actually in brooklyn but we'll pretend it's in chicago). i found my dress( and the bridesmaid dress too. ( i had to have my dress expanded a little bit to fit the bump that was starting to grow on my belly. we invited both our families, friends, and people from bands. "i can't believe we're gonna be married in 3 weeks" ryan said laying down next to me. it had been a long week and we had everything planned out and we would just relax until it was time. "i know. i'm gonna be mrs. ryan ross" i said smiling at him. "and i'm gonna be a dad" he said. "and i'll be a mom" "you remember that first day we met" ryan asked. "yeah. we were at wendy's" i said, remembering that day very well. "well, that's the day i fell in love with you" he said, kissing me. "me too. i knew something big was gonna happen this summer but i never expected this" i said, returning the kiss. "pete used to talk about you nonstop. and showed us a bunch of pictures. and then he gave us his warning that NOBODY was to touch his little sister" he smirked. "yeah, look how that turned out" i said laughing. we laid in silence after that and soon fell asleep.

i kept waking up during the night. it felt like something was wrong or would go wrong. i finally woke up at 9 and stayed up. i was sitting in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate when spencer came in. "what are you doing up so early" i asked him. "'s 11:30 cam" he said getting a bowl and some cereal. "why are you up so early" "it's 11. wow i must've lost track of time" i said getting up to go take a shower. when i felt all squeaky clean i got out and put some clothes on. everybody was sitting in the lounge area watching tv and eating "so what are the plans for today" kk asked. "well, we play at 6. then fob goes on at 8" jon said while texting someone, most likely cassie. "cool. well we were thinking about going shopping" danny said coming from the bunks adjusting her shirt with pete behind her. 'haha petey finally got laid' i thought laughing to myself. "you girls just went shopping last week" ryan whined. "i wanna spend some time with my girl" he pouted. "ryan, you're with her everyday. besides, we're gonna go look at baby stuff. see what's cute for boys and girls" kk said. we said bye to the guys and headed to the mall. we walked into the baby store and started looking around. "aww look at these! they're adorable" i said holding up a pair of tiny converses. "haha you're baby is gonna be stylish camryn" danny said. we looked around for another 2 hours. it was now 2. "guys i'm hungry!" i whined. "of course you are, you are preggers cam" kk said poking me. we got our food and sat down to eat. while we were eating and talking i felt like someone was watching us. i had the same strange feeling like this morning. "i think we should leave. something doesn't feel right. like someone's watching us" i said getting very nervous. "ok lets go" danny said. we threw our trash away and went back. i still felt weird even as we sat on the bus. "what's wrong sis" derek asked coming up to me. "nothing. why would you ask that" i asked. "one: you look like something's wrong. two i'm your twin remember. we have that twin mind reading thing" he said. "haha you big dork" i said pushing him. "well if i'm a dork then that makes you one too since we're basically the same person" he said lightly pushing me back. "well i kept waking up during the night, it felt like something bad was gonna happen. then when we were at the mall, it was like someone was watching us" i said. "well, we know it's not travis since he's in jail" derek said, giving me a hug. "yeah but what if he's not. what if he got out and we don't know" i said staring into space. "camryn i'm sure..." derek was cut off by pete walking in. "we're all headed over to the building for sound check. come on" he said grabbing our hands. "we'll finish this talk after the concert" derek said as ryan came up to us. "what talk" ryan asked grabbing my hand and intertwining our hands. "oh just wedding stuff" i said giving him a smile. "yeah, i'm really excited. and we find out our babys sex next week. nothing else can possibly go wrong." he said as we walked into the building. little did we know that someone WAS watching us and that things wouldn't stay perfect for long.

ahh! i'm soooo sorry this wasn't out sooner. i've just been having a major case of writers block. and there's 5 weeks of school left so i've been trying to pay attention more. the next one will be out maybe tomorrow or friday :) and it will be longer.
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