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happily ever after?

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camryn and ryan find out what they're having. and a wedding :)

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ok i just realized when i was writing about pete's gf i put ashleigh instead of danny in the last chapter...but i fixed it in that one and it's right in here....sorry about that :)

ryan and i were getting ready to go to the doctor. we were finally going to find out what we're having. we don't care what have although i kinda think ryan wants a boy. "you ready to go yet camryn" ryan yelled from the front of the bus. "yeah i'm coming" i grabbed my black flats and said bye to kk and danny. ryan was already in the car. i got in and we left. the doctor's office wasn't that far away. when we got there i signed in and sat down next to ryan in the waiting room. after 10 minutes of silence it was broken. "we're really doing this aren't we" ryan asked holding my hand. "we're really gonna have a baby" "yeah and i couldn't think of anyone else i'd rather have a baby with" i said kissing his cheek. then the nurse called us back and told us the doctor would be with us in a few minutes. i laid on the table and ryan sat in the chair next to me. the doctor walked in. "hello camryn and ryan. i hear you two are in here today to find out what you're having" she said. she rubbed the jelly stuff on my belly and we looked at the screen. "well, everything is looking very good" she said. "so what are we having" ryan blurted out. "haha well i'm very happy to tell you you're having...."

i couldn't stop smiling on the way home. we had just gotten the greatest news from the doctor. we got back to the hotel we were staying at and everybody was crowded in our room, waiting to hear what the verdict was. i walked into the bedroom and put my stuff up. then i went and sat on the couch next to ryan. "come on camryn. tell us what you're having already!" patrick yelled, wanting to know. "well geez if you're gonna be rude about it i just won't tell you we're having twins!" i said. "TWINS! omg" kk said. "nice ryan. way to go all the way" brendon said hugging ryan. "shut up brendon" i said. "wow i can't believe you're having twins" pete said as he and derek gave me hugs. "well, the doctor said it was high chance since i'm a twin" i said smiling at derek. "yeah well they say things are better in twos" derek said hugging me again. "so are you having 2 boys. 2 girls. what" danny asked as we all sat down to watch a movie. "well, we're having a boy and a girl" i said laying my head on ryan's chest. "oh god. if they're anything like you and derek were then you're both in for some trouble" pete said. everybody laughed. "hey we weren't thaaat bad" derek said. "oh yeah right. you two used to torment me when you were younger" pete said pouting" "oh poor petey got beat up by the young ones" danny said kissing him. "don't act all innocent pete. you used to torment us too" i said. "yeah, well...lets just watch this movie" he said knowing i was right.

(2 weeks later)

tomorrow was the wedding. i was so nervous. i can't believe i'm getting married to ryan ross. i mean, i had a crush on him since pete introduced us after he signed them. i ws 16 at the time and he was 18. i guess that's when i truly fell in love with him but if i told him that he would probably think i was weird or something...haha. i couldn't sleep that night. "camryn you should really go to bed. you're wedding is tomorrow" kk said, emphasizing the word tomorrow. "i know, i guess i'm just nervous" i said. "of course you're nervous. you're about to marry the man you love. who wouldn't be nervous" danny said. "thanks you guys" i said. then i turned over and fell asleep.

(ryan pov)

morning came fast..too fast. all the guys were in one room getting ready and all the girls we in another getting ready. "dude, my little sister is getting married today. to you" pete said. "thanks that makes me feel much better" i said. "haha no it's a good thing" derek said. "yeah, you and camryn are like the perfect couple...besides me and kk" spencer said. "and me and danny" pete yelled from the bathroom. '3 hours and counting' i thought and finished getting ready.

(camryn pov) here's the matches at the wedding. kk is my maid of honor and spencer is ryan's best man. danny walks down with pete, my friend from high school ashleigh walks down with patrick, andy walks down with his new gf jamie, joe walks down with my friend sarah, brendon walks down with my friend erika, and jon walks down with cassie. they had already made their way down and it was me and kk left back there. i was hyperventalating (sp?) "kk, i don't think i can do this" i said turning around. she grabbed my arm "of course you can do this. you love ryan and he loves you" she said. "don't let the past ruin this. you deserve to be happy camryn" she said smiling. "thanks kk. i'm really glad we met. you're seriously my best friend, besides danny" i said hugging her. "hey, that's what best friends do. you and danny are mine too" she said, walking down the aisle. then it was my turn.

(ryan pov)

kk came down. then it was her turn. she came down the aisle on her father's arm. i was stunned. she looked so beautiful. the dress looked perfect on her. i can't believe i'm gonna marry the girl i've loved since pete introduced us after he signed us. if she knew i loved her since then she would probably think i was weird...haha.

(camryn pov)

"do you, camryn tyler wentz, take this man, george ryan ross, to be your husband" "i do" i said smiling at ryan. "and do you george ryan ross, take this woman, camryn tyler wentz, to be your wife" "of course i do" he said smiling back at me. "then i now pronounce you husband and wife. you may now kiss the bride" and he did. we went to the reception and had a blast. the past few months have been hectic just for this one perfect day. we partied in pete and danny's room all night. then around 3 ryan and i decided to head back to our room. "well, they've already got the honeymoon part covered" joe said, laughing. "shut up joe!" i said as ryan pulled me out. "so, i'm finally mrs. ryan ross" i said kissing my husband. "it feels weird to be someone's husband" ryan said. "yeah well it's weird to be someone's wife" i said. "but i'm glad you're mine" we said at the same time. "what's that" i asked pointing to box outside our room" it had ryan and camryn ross on it. we picked it up and went inside.

ok...i didn't think this would be very long but i couldn't stop. plus it makes up for the others. let me know what you think :))
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