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A fine line

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A Reno/Yuffie. First fanfic wanted to see wot people think.

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Aeris Gainsborough, Cloud Strife, Reno, Rude, Rufus Shinra, Tifa Lockhart, Tseng, Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi, Zack - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2007-04-16 - Updated: 2007-04-16 - 1367 words

A Fine Line

"Hey Tifa?"


"I know it's like, a good thing that the worlds better and stuff, and Shinra have gone and there are no more bad guys..."


"But don't you get, like bored sometimes?"

Tifa looks over at me, and immediately I know she doesn't. For Tifa, life kind of began once everything was over. She opened a bar, seventh heaven, took in Denzel and Marlene, and finally, FINALLY, her and Cloud are sort of what you would call together. Sort of.

"Ok, ok, yea of course you don't" I sigh

"Yuffie" says Tifa gently, "you'll find something you love in this new world, and then you won't be bored anymore, trust me" She smiles slightly, and glances up at the ceiling, to where Cloud sits on the floor above reading the kids a bedtime story.

This is all getting too heavy for me, I don't really do serious. Then, in walks Reno. God I hate that guy. I mean yea, he's good looking, but MAN does he know it. And he's one of the Turks, who were supposed to be the bad guys I swear. I mean, the others say it's more complicated then that but they seemed like the bad guys to me. Anyway, he still wears the uniform, some dumb blue suit. He has these totally retarded red stripes under his eyes too, and he always has some idiotic girl hanging on his arm, wanting to know about his horrible experiences working for Shinra. I happen to be better looking then all of them put together, but I mostly just ignore him, or insult him, or whatever. However he's been turning up in Seventh heaven WAY too much recently.


The first thing I notice when I walk into the bar is that ninja bitch is there again. She bugs me. I mean, ok, she's hot, but man does she know it. She's also a total basket case. I mean, this bitch is crazy. She's obsessed with materia, in a fucking creepy way. I don't really care about taking sides anymore, we were against each other once but I don't usually let that stop me, I mean Cloud can be a pretty groovy dude. Kinda angsty but you know, I can live with that. But this girl is just plain annoying. She also clearly doesn't appreciate my pretty admirable physique. I am sexy, you know? There's no point being shy about it. But some little ninja bitches just don't appreciate true beauty.

I walk in and sit a few stools away, opposite Tifa, the bar maid. Feisty little madam when she wants to be, and pretty hot too. I turn on some of the Reno charm

"Hey there Tifa" I smile, raising an eyebrow.

"Hi Reno" She says, smiling briefly before going back to cleaning the glass she's holding.

"So, how are the kids?" I ask, leaning across the bar, giving my best 'I'm sweet and caring and not trying to get into your pants' smile.

"Oh, you know, they're ok" she says, moving off to another customer.


Now THAT bugs me. Who the hell does this guy think he is coming onto Tifa like that? Her and Cloud and the kids have finally managed to be something like a family, pretty mismatched its true, but they're still family, and her and Cloud love each other. So what this punk thinks he's doing coming onto her I don't know. I mean, there's no way she'd respond, that's just not Tifa, but it still bugs me, a lot. As Tifa moves off to another customer I get up and walk over to him.

"I know exactly what you're up to and it won't work" I hiss in his ear. "Tifa loves Cloud, so keep your stupid stripy face out of it"

"Chill Ninja bitch, no need to get jelous" he says, sounding bored, smiling at Tifa as he does.
Now that gets me mad, I mean, there's no way in HELL I'd want him smiling at ME like that.


Suddenly I'm on my ass on the floor. Told you she was a crazy bitch, little ninja just shoved me off my barstool. I get up with as much dignity as I can muster, and try to shoot a "poor me getting picked on" face at Tifa, but she's not looking.
"What the hell was that for Ninja bitch?"
"Oh don't get your frilly knickers in a twist; your precious pigtail is intact, although I'd call it more of a rat's tail. What happened, couldn't afford extensions so you had to kill some poor unsuspecting animal?" she says, all in one breath. Ok, now that was childish, but I'm used to comments like that from her, she insults like a seven year old. But no one insults my ponytail and gets away with it. I grab her by the collar, catching her unawares, and throw her to the floor. She gets up and I can see that kinda spark in her eyes she gets when she's mad, it would be sexy if it wasn't for the fact the girls an utter psycho and her anger is usually directed at me.


I jump to my feet and glare at him. So he thinks he can take on the mighty Yuffie does he? It's a shame I don't have my materia with me, but I can beat him fists alone with my ninja skills. I jump and cling to the ceiling for a second, before dropping down onto him. I sit on him and I'm about to punch him in the face when Tifa yells at us to take it outside. She's kind of used to me fighting people, and I bet she wants to see me kick Reno's ass, but it disturbs the customers. I knee him in the groin and run out into the yard round the back of the bar.


Ok now that hurt, and no way in hell am I letting her get away with that. I jump to my feet and race after her into the yard, but she's not there. "Must have run away" I laugh out loud. "You WISH" she shouts, jumping out of a bush and slamming my head against the wall. I twist around and punch her in the stomach. She leaps away from me tries to kick me but I dodge.


I grab him by the shirt so he can't get away, but he does the same to me, I guess so if I hit him he can hit me back without me dodging. I glare up at him; he has these really bright blue eyes like Cloud's, its something to do with mako radiation, which is what makes them so strong. His shirt is really soft, but I suddenly realise my knuckle is just brushing his skin, which is even softer, and that his body is kind of warm, and really, really close. Suddenly I grab his hair and pull his head down to me and kiss him hard on the mouth.


Ok, now that I didn't expect, but I am not complaining, cos that girl can kiss. I move my hand down to the bare skin on her waist, and pull her closer, as she ever so lightly bites my lip, as our mouths open and the kiss deepens. Our mouths don't fit together quite right and we're kind of out of synch but it doesn't matter.


Just when he's getting into it I pull away. For a split second he's left with his tongue hanging out and his eyes closed, he looks so stupid, he quickly rearranges his features into a look that I think is supposed to be indifference, but is kinda ruined by the fact he's blatantly trying to get his breath back.

"Not bad for a Turk thug"

"Not bad for a ninja bitch"


I can see that got her mad, but before she can hit me I grab her and kiss her again, for a second I think she's going to push me away, but then she runs her fingernails down my spine and kisses me harder and I don't really think anything repeatable for quite some time.
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